Sarah Salles
Sarah Salles

I deleted my Instagram — here’s why

Photo by Omkar Patyane from Pexels
Photo by Omkar Patyane from Pexels

I was getting ready to travel up to Boca Raton Florida where I enjoy spending Shabbos. I was trying to pack or do something when I told my mom I want to look good so I impress people. My mother told me I should focus on impressing myself and not worrying so much about what other people think. The whole Shabbos went by and all was well. I came home and was scrolling through Instagram when it hit me. Why am I on Instagram where I am doing the very thing my mother told me I shouldn’t be doing? Yes, I am 20 (I am 21 now) but why am I on a site where I wonder why didn’t so many people like my post? Why do I not get so many likes? I realized I had to delete my Instagram.

Granted it took me a few months because I wanted to download all the photos. I was starting a new semester of nursing school where I knew I wouldn’t have the time to be on social media so much. Also having over 300 photos over six years is a lot. In addition, Instagram changed so much from when I was 15 to now. It went from a fun place to post memories and see what friends are up to, to a place where people were not being authentic. An abundance of people I spoke to stated how Instagram is toxic yet not everyone is deleting their accounts (which is understandable) or trying to fight the craze of influencers. Granted there are some  Instagram accounts I fell in love with (@Nechamamusic, @Barianna, @therealhadassa, and so many others) but to be scrolling when I could be doing more productive things or doing activities that spark joy would be better for my mental health.

When I posted that I was deleting my account to my followers (mainly friends I’ve made throughout the years), the response was incredible! I got so many messages asking if I was okay and that they were in awe of my decisions. It was hard at times to go through the decision (Instagram can be an addiction) but when I did it, I felt so liberated.  Know that although this decision has worked for me, it may not be best for everyone.

I hope to build deeper connections and keep in touch with those that mean a lot to me. I hope this will help me build a deeper sense of self and confidence boost. Thank you for reading. Please make sure to comment and share with someone who would enjoy this article.

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Sarah Salles is a nursing student who is passionate about helping others. She is originally from South Florida and has lived in New York briefly. She is passionate about Judaism, her greyhounds, and so much more. She can be found on Instagram @SarahrSalles
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