Carol Green Ungar

I Hate to Say This But Bring Back the Donald

Yes, the  Donald is deplorable. He’s a liar, a womanizer, a crook. Yes, it’s likely that he grabbed the steering wheel from that Secret Service agent and secreted classified documents in Mar a Lago. He’s not a nice guy, not the sort of fellow you’d want your daughter to bring home BUT

And this is a big BUT

For mysterious reasons, he has our back. He annulled the Iran nuclear deal, which points atomic weapons at our heads–mine included a deal that could have turned our tiny Jewish state into another Auschwitz.

And now Joe Biden is on his way to bringing this terrible deal back.

What is shocking or perhaps not shocking given the Western world’s silence on the previous holocaust is that nobody is saying anything about it,. Nobody is screaming except our Prime Minister Yair Lapid, not my favorite guy either but he’s called it right on this one.

This deal lifts sanctions and allows Iran’s proxies to grow their stocks of ballistic missiles . Everyone who lives here knows what that means.  Our country will turn into Sederot on steroids.  Explosions. Missiles and the Angel of Death lurking in every corner. Not a way to live.

Thank G-d we have the IDF, the Iron Dome, and The Iron Beam is on its way, but how can we survive under missile bombardment from all sides? Iran’s proxies operate in both the north and south. As we know from last year’s brutal riots in Akko and Lod, our local Arab population are eager fifth columnists. Yet, Joe aka  Neville Chamberlain the second is getting his pen ready to sign our death warrant.

For all of his many flaws, and there were many Donald Trump trashed this terrible deal. Because of him, we enjoyed life,  peace, prosperity, and even newfound ties with our Arab neighbors. Yes, he deserves our thanks for the Abraham Accords as well.

He’s not a nice guy, not a role model but he’s been our protector. Having an odious protector isnt a new phenomenon in Jewish history.  Remember Richard Nixon, the most unpopular president until the  Donald took office? He saved our collective rear ends by shipping much-needed arms during the Yom Kippur war.  His morals were lacking. He was more than a tad antisemitic, but he had our back.

For some reason, that’s how it is. The nice leaders dont like us. The progressives including our very own  Bernie Saunders’s and AOCs, not Jew but someone with Jewish blood would feed us to the Palestinian dogs.

We could use the Donald now.

The High Holidays are on their way. G-d will be opening the account books and judging us. Who by water who by fire who by a missile.

With the Iran Accords almost a done deal we need to pray very hard.

About the Author
Carol Ungar is a prize-winning author who writes from the Judean Hills.