I Have A Question

One of my dreams is to be a journalist.  I want to be able to share interesting information with others, especially about children, schooling, people who overcome physical handicaps, and Wonderful Things People Do. And, I would like to learn and share information about Israel, too. I would also like to be able to ask questions.  When I read the news, or watch interviews, I usually think of a few questions that weren’t asked.   And I would really like to hear answers. Until I get that investigative-reporting job, though, I have decided to stop ignoring the pain in my gut from the past while, and put my questions out there.  Looking forward to getting answers, which can then, hopefully, be the impetus for real discussion and mutual education. So, in no particular order, here we go: Jon Stewart complained that Israelis have a high-tech smart phone app to warn them of missile attacks, while arabs in Gaza have only a “roof knock” pre-missile (with no explosives) that hits the roof of the home to be destroyed.  He says this as a complaint.  My question is: to whom is he complaining?  To the Hamas government?  Is he upset that Israelis don’t get notified of exactly where the missile will land, so that they can know exactly which home to vacate?  Or is his complaint possibly, but just possibly, that they have done nothing, not  air raid sirens, nor build bomb shelters, in all those years that they were amassing missiles and digging terror tunnels? In general, I am not quite sure if he noticed that Israel has taken it upon themselves to   warn both HER OWN citizens of impending attacks, AND THE ENEMY.    Has any other country ever done such a thing? Now, on that subject, I have a question which will start a line of questions.  The opener is to Mr Shimon Peres, with regard to his statement that “the people of Azza are not our enemies, only the terrorists are.”   Where is the line to be drawn between “citizen of Azza” and terrorist?  Are the families of terrorists – those hundreds who celebrate the murders of Jews that their sons/ brothers/ sisters committed – considered citizens, innocent civilians or terrorists?  Are they our friends or our enemies?   What about the television crews which create shows in which bumblebees teach children to look for Jews and kill them?   And the children who are being trained from age zero to engage in war against Jews?  In what way are they NOT our enemies?  They might be too young to actually commit  murder , or maybe not.  How old was the youngest “innocent Arab child” who drew a knife on the Jewish ambulance crew that was treating her?  How old is the child in a now-viral Palestinian video, being trained to use a submachine gun?  (I saw it earlier, and will add the link when I find it again.) What, Mr Peres, is the definition of “enemy?”  Is it only the terrorist who is currently shooting anti-tank missiles at Israeli school buses, or is it also the ones in the training camps?  And, if the training camps are conducted for  preschoolers, indoctrinating them to hate Jews and how to use weapons, and their mothers send them to these camps, are these then “innocent women and children,” by any stretch of the imagination?  And, honestly, those who voted in Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel AND the murder of any and all Jews, are they truly innocent?  The doctors, schoolteachers and lawyers who voted for Hitler, do they not share the blame for what Hitler did with their consent / approval? Were Hitler Youth participants also “innocent children”?   Or were they beign trained to kick and rob any Jews they see, and eventually, or perhaps even shortly, to be involved in the mass murder of over six million Jews , as well as millions of gypsies, gays and other “sub-humans”? The Gaza day camps and kindergartens in which “innocent children” are initiated in the ranks of Hamas and other terror organizations take place on UNRWA campuses.   Why are they not being held accountable for what goes on under their auspices?  What is being done to the UNRWA workers who handed 20 missiles to Hamas Authorities yesterday? On the subject of partners in crime, I have yet to understand why the PLO-FAT’H, who are in a coalition with Hamas right now, are beign treated as a totally different entity, not being held in any way culpable for what is happening under their joint authority?  The head of FAT’H commissioned the massacres of Israel’s Olympic team in 1972 and of almost 20 Israeli schoolchildren in Ma’alot in 1974.   Has he ever apologized?  More to the point, was the PLO’s charter, written in 1964 (yes, three years prior to Israel’s “occupation of Judea, Samaria and Gaza), which also called for the destruction of Israel, ever modified?  I recall that that was a condition of the 1993 Oslo Accords.  I also recall that it was never actually done. On the topic of the Oslo Accords: as I recall, Israel completely pulled out of Azza 9 years ago, destroying lives and livelihoods of thousands of Jewish citizens.   There was, for two years, no embargo on Azza, no “occupation.”  According to Mr Peres, this should have served as a model of the peace that could reign between a Jewish State and a new neighbouring Moslem-Arab state, giving impetus to Israel to withdraw from more territories that are under occupation, in exchange for peace.  Is it my imagination, or is it specifically in that same area, with its initial total freedom and independence, that Hamas was voted into power, and from whose cities missiles and terror tunnels have been sent to Israel as thank you notes?   Or have there been tunnels and missiles from other “occupied” areas in which the IDF still maintains a presence? This leaves me with one last question for today: Is the word “peace” supposed to mean “security for Israeli citizens, without fear of anti-Jewish / anti-Israeli terror” or something else entirely?  Is that the goal for any military or diplomatic efforts, or is some other entity being sold under the title, “peace”?

About the Author
Chana made Aliya at age 17 as part of her goal to live Torah in the details. When not writing obsessively, she is a full-time wife and mother, with side helpings of remedial math teaching and case management for special-needs kids. Currently studying psychology and education at Open University and desperately seeking cleaning help.