I have pity for Palestinians. Not Compassion.

If we are to be honest, the natural emotion to what happened is hate. The natural emotion is anger. The natural thought is revenge.  The hard part about those feelings is coming to terms that they are the same feelings that got us into this situation. If I was Palestinian and I heard all of the horrible things that Jews supposedly do to Palestinians, I would have the same desire for revenge. But while it is natural to do a lot of things, we as civilized humans stop ourselves and do not do them. The difference between me and Hamas and all those Hamas supporters, including those in San Diego who were beating up a pro-Israel supporter in the middle of Balboa Park in front of the “Museum of US” is that I stop that thought and have the realization before I act. I think about what they must hear, and I think about the consequence of my actions. Knowing that I can stop myself and see the consequences of my actions and they can’t, make me pity them.

I have pity for a people who are hated by the world and used by every nation for their own needs. Palestinians around the world are pitied and used. They have no rights in Lebanon, Syria or Jordan. They are not allowed to have jobs as low as taxi drivers let alone a passport, land or vote. They are absolutely abhorred by nations, especially Arab nations and yet those nations claim to support them for one reason: they routinely murder Jews. The problem for Palestinians is that Jews in Israel, have Israel.

Why are they hated by the world? Because the world does not respect victims that refuse to learn from their past. The world has no interest in stopping them from harming themselves, the world instead encourages it. The world does not care that the Palestinians are the only refugees in the world who are forced to be refugees not only in other countries, but their own country, 80 years after they became refugees. The world does not care that most of the Arab world routinely kills them and prevents them from free movement, education, and vote in all countries except Israel. The world doesn’t care that they are routinely murdered for trying to end corruption or speak out against dictatorship in Palestine. World doesn’t care that they are routinely. given death sentences for the non-crime of being raped, being gay or drug use. No, the world only pays attention to them after they kill Jews, and then sadistically watch as the Jews respond, feigning outrage while in private eating popcorn and cheering on the carnage.

For hundreds of years Palestinians under different names murdered Jews with impunity just as Europeans did in Europe. Pogroms were as commonplace in what was then called Beirut Califate by Ottomans and later named Palestinian Mandate by British as they were in the Russian Jewish Pale, Bavaria and England (Palestinians wouldn’t call themselves Palestinian until 1972, not realizing that the word was a Greek translation of the word Israel). The problem that Palestinians faced in 1948 was that suddenly Jews also had weapons and could fight back.

Since 1948 Palestinians have tried to repeat the pogroms of the past only to face the power of the Jewish army instead of the weak and defenseless Jew. Yet after each failure, instead of learning a lesson, they were met with encouragement and funding by Russia, Iran and Qatar. Palestinians continue to be used by these sick sadistic nations as human cannonballs hurled into walls of glass and cement. Yes, they break the glass by harming some Israelis, but they also get cut up and smashed up as hundreds of their own people get harmed in the fully expected Israeli response.  So instead of learning the folly of those actions, they instead get bolstered by the antisemites of the liberal left, the Arab countries and the world media. These horrible people who care nothing for the Palestinians, give them the idea that if they just kill enough Jews, Jewish army and Jewish resolve will collapse. Generation after generation continues this insanity for eighty years now, and the only result is continued suffering and death.

And so, they committed their greatest attack yet. Taking advantage of the strife in Israel, they were bolstered and empowered by Russia and Iran, who used them to attack Israel for their own reasons. As a result, hundreds of Israelis are dead, hundreds were raped and abducted, and thousands are wounded and disabled for the rest of their lives. The problem for Palestinians is that Israelis did not break this time just as it did not break, but instead got angry, very angry. This surely is the response that Iran and Russia looked for, but this is the response that will ultimately cause a far greater suffering to Palestinians than any other action in the past.

In the past their stupidity and cruelty was more measured. It did not include taking pictures with elderly people abducted, children in cages, mass murder images, raped and stripped women paraded through Gaza, decapitated unarmed civilians on camera. They thought their barbarity would win them greater admiration. It did, among the equally depraved people around the world (including those who marched in San Diego  and other cities calling for genocide of Jews in Israel). It also won them condemnation and an open hand to Israel to respond. No one sane after seeing those images will have any desire to constrain Israel in its response. The response will be immense and on a level that most Palestinians have not seen before. Hamas of course will go to their bunkers. Their leader no different from Putin is sitting far from danger in eloquence of gold-plated rooms. He will watch Palestinians die while counting Iranian dollars. But the rest of the Palestinians should have known what was coming. Instead of dancing and eating sweets they should have known to find shelter, stock up on food and water and know that long days are coming.

As Hamas sends rockets at Israel, Israelis know they are coming. Israelis stocked up on food, they have shelters, they are willing to deal with the consequences of further barbarity towards the hostages. They are not going to let their pain and morality hold them back and with each additional rocket and murdered hostage will instead give further freedom to IDF to act with full retribution.

And this is why I have pity for the Palestinians. A people who are used over and over by Iran, Russia, and every other group around the world because they give them a reason to hate Jews. After eighty years, they still do not learn about the repercussions of  attacking armed Jews who are no longer the poor and defenseless Jews of Ottoman Empire or the Russian Pale, but ones with planes, helicopters and tanks that will not take compassion, that will no take pity, but will speak to them in the language of the Middle East; not an eye for an eye, but both eyes for an eye, and a leg and an arm and everything that can be taken until a full lesson is learned, showing just what happens when one thinks that they can strike a Jew who has the means to respond. One cannot have compassion for someone who at this point knows better, one can only pity them and watch them repeat the stupidity that serves others and only harms them.

My one hope is that the Israeli government will also have pity and realize that harming these people will not stop future pogroms. I hope they will come to realize that like Palestinians, Israelis are also to be pitied as they are also used and are also not learning from the past experiences. I hope they will understand that as long as Russia, Qatar and Iran fund and support Palestinian terror, Palestinians will continue to make the bloody mistakes and Israeli citizens and Palestinians will pay the price. I hope that instead of the feel-good vengeful response on Palestinians that never seems to actually stop terror, Israeli leadership finds a way to go after the true instigators of this barbarity and end the use of Palestinians as a dumb henchman. Perhaps then, Israel and Palestine can finally have some well-deserved peace.

About the Author
Sam Livin was born in Soviet Union and grew up in San Diego. In 2012, he travelled the world photographing Jewish communities publishing a book called "Your Story Our Sipur." Today he continues to write about Israel and Judaism as he lives and studies business and ecology in Tel Aviv.