‘I lost my 7 children. Here’s how I continue’ (Video)

Hi everyone. This J-TV video we have released today is very heavy, but it is incredibly meaningful too. In 2015, Gabi Sassoon experienced the unthinkable – he lost 7 of his 8 children in a house fire. The story made headlines all over the Jewish world and beyond. In this video he shares his story, explaining how he has managed to carry on amidst the pain.

Gabi Sassoon has had a crazy life so far. He was raised in Japan, losing his mother as a teenager. He studied at the London School of Economics and then Penn University. Later in life he became alienated with his fast paced secular lifestyle and went to Israel to learn in a Yeshiva. He went on to marry and produce eight wonderful children. In this video he tells the story of how the tragedy unfolded and how his Jewish faith has provided comfort and guidance in his life.

May we only hear good news.

About the Author
Oliver Anisfeld is the founder of global Jewish YouTube channel J-TV. He launched the channel while completing his degree in History at University College London.