I love you like


I love you like a child. So stupid sometimes and you keep me up at night worrying. How you keep falling over your own feet and spilling things. How frightened I am to watch you grow up in this big scary world. How proud I am of your achievements, how I hurt when you hurt.

I love you like a mother. Even when estranged, I remember that it was you who gave me life. How I am more like you than I admit to being.

I love you like a husband. The good times we’ve had, our long history together. And when things get rough I remind myself why I fell in love with you, how we promised to take care of each other, how no one else understands me like you do.

I love you like pizza. So yummy, so enticing. But if I only ate pizza I’d be a fat slob. So i eat other things too, and that’s healthy. But you know you’re my favorite…

I love you like a best friend. Knowing that those are very hard to find. And even when you act like an ass, I got your back.

I love you like coffee. You wake me up, you keep me alive. But sometimes it’s too much and I get nervous and my hands shake and I start yelling at everyone.

I love you like a beautiful woman. Your sensuality, timeless. How you shine in the moonlight. How I can see you a million times and still find a new depth to your beauty.

I love you like a book. A page turner. A thriller. A love story. A tragedy.

I love you like life. With the knowledge that it’s bigger than us all. How precious it is. That tomorrow is another day, to learn and grow and make it better.

Happy birthday Israel. And many more.

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Bridgitte is a by product of the lunacy of 1980's New York, and is currently recovering from Jerusalem Syndrome.
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