I Still Remember

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When Winston Churchill reached the camps, he told his troops: “Take pictures, collect all the evidence you can. The world needs to know. And there will come a day when people will make the claim that none of this ever happened. And that would be unforgivable”.

It happened sooner than he thought.

Time marches on, and soon, all that remains of a life are the memories, kept alive in the mind of those left behind. But what happens when the last keepers of those precious memories are no longer with us? Did it all ever really happen, once there are no longer any left to remember?

Trees fall in the forest, but it takes a living animal’s ear to translate the disturbances in the air into sound. In the absence of an observer, those trees fall silently.

We may very well be the last generation to have heard these memories recounted, firsthand. We are now the ones entrusted with this sacred task:

To remember. And I will never forget.

About the Author
Simcha Jessel is a Canadian-born journalist currently residing in Jerusalem. Recently discharged from the army, he is now focusing his attention on his world-famous project, Humans of Jerusalem, in which he shares stories from his encounters in Jerusalem and worldwide. His passions include photography, traveling, beer & Doctor Who.
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