I Threw Away My Vote…Or Did I?

I went to the polls this morning, in very Democratic New York, and voted Republican. That’s right. It was a straight line down the voting slip. In essence, that means I tossed away my vote, right?

I don’t like to associate myself with any particular group. My views are more conservative, so I generally lean towards the Republican side than the Democratic side; but in no way am I beholden to any particular party. If I feel, one day, that the Democratic Candidates are the better choice, I would have no compunction about voting Democrat.

However, my vote today reflected less about the candidates I chose to vote for and more about the party they were associated with.

I was making a statement, in the best way I could, that the Democratic National Committee should not discount the Jewish voters within their party. That they could have even let slip from their platform that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel was an atrocity. That the members could then vote against reinstating it was unconscionable. The Democratic Party showed with these actions that the future of the Jews in America does not involve participation in their party. They showed that they do not want the Jews participating in their party.

Would I have voted Republican anyway? Probably.  I don’t care much for the current President and his policies anyway. Nor do I care for the liberal views of most Democrats. But the added disgust at the Democratic Party guaranteed that I voted solidly Republican.

Today I didn’t just vote, I protested.

I protested the committee members’ decision to ignore their Jewish minority. I protested their backstabbing of their loyal Jewish members.

Here’s hoping they get the message.

About the Author
Meir received a BA in Political Science from Lander College for Men and an MA in Politics and Government from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He a recent Oleh who loves Israel: faults and all.