Debby Titlebaum Neuman

I Want You to Know

I want you to know:

That you can let go of the fear and that it is okay to turn the music up loud and sing.

In fact, do it- sing out loud a song for our soldiers and then sing another

And do a dance or maybe just sit and stare off into space

Or make cookies for the guys on guard duty tonight

Or smile at the cashier even though you waited in line for over an hour…

In times of war every little thing helps.

I want you to know that you can be brave in any way you need

Even if that sometimes means curling up under the blankets

and sobbing until your body shakes and your pillow case is soaked

And even if it means screaming out to G!d until you can barely speak

And then remembering the joy in a cup of tea with honey

And feeling grateful to be able to be grateful about making tea.

Whatever it is you need, or want to do is you doing your part.

Let the rest go and have a dance party as the tears flow and envision your joy radiating into the air

As a sign that even as we mourn we live

We are the guardians of ‘home’

Upholding the truth and beauty that waits for all those who G!d willing will return soon.

About the Author
Debby is a mother, writer, childbirth educator, spiritual teacher, forest gan manager, and doula. When she is not teaching, writing, or attending births she can most often be found wandering the Judean hills with her five daughters, foraging wild edibles, strumming her ukelele, and feeling gratitude at the wonders of creation.
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