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I was just about to take a nap

The current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu who suggested sending kids to disinfect public areas with chlorine. (Photo credd: Wikimedia commons, unknown, 2014)

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. This is the response to our PM’s latest utterly disgraceful proposal of children in Israel cleaning public areas with Chlorine.

Yes, for those of you who doesn’t follow Israeli news or are even remotely interested. This is interesting. The PM, king Bibi, actually suggested that we should use our own kids to kill the virus in public areas using chlorine.

My eyes dropped out of my skull and I do need a jaw operation since I dropped mine to the floor and I’m not sure how to put it back properly.

I was just about to take a nap when I instead read about it, thanks to #STS.

She made me aware.

But deep down honestly – of all stupidity in this world, this might as well take the prize. I think Bibi just out-Trumped Donald Trump himself in pure irrelevance. Sure President Trump has grabbed ’em by the pussy, he drinks diet coke and eat crappy fast food every day. But suggesting that WE, the people and citizens of Israel should send OUR kids to disinfect all public areas with Chlorine. Well if there was a Nobel prize in utter stupidity I think he just won it. Set aside all racial slurs and other daily things he spreads which is a topic by itself.

Does he even know what Chlorine is? Does he even know how to use it and where? Does he know the implications of being intoxicated by the fumes of Chlorine? Does he know how the skin of a child reacts when being exposed to Chlorine? And god forbid if someone thinks they can try drinking it – who knows, there will always be that kid who are a bit curious.

Does kids know how to disinfect a train station? Does kids know how to avoid accidents such as falling down a ladder or being stuck in an elevator while disinfecting it? Does kids listen to what would probably be a Government official telling them exactly how to do it? Do the kids understand that Child Labour is forbidden? Do Bibi know that?

And who the hell in their complete sanity of mind would send their kids out to disinfect all of Israel? Like how would the reasoning be? “Yeah let’s send two of our kids to disinfect the Haifa cable metro line, including the service areas along the track. That’s a great idea”. Who would send their kids to disinfect a bus with Chlorine? A school? A prison? A hotel? A public beach shower?

It just keeps spiraling totally out of control with a government acting like this. Or actually a Prime Minister acting like this. Inciting fear to a boiling point that turns people almost insane. It feels exactly as the invasion of Lebanon during 2006 – people are actually even more scared now than they were during that war. It’s like Bibi watched the Hollywood blockbuster movie World War Z, and decided that we should send our kids to battle this.

And how would this work? Where do the kids start? Would they get an introduction on how to santitize shit? Will they know how to use any lackluster protective gear that might be given to them, or even respecting the rules of using the gear properly as to not get intoxicated or actually become viral carriers themselves?

It is a complete farse. I am speechless now. I could speak up earlier. I could stand my ground. I could to turn to sanity, logic, and weighing in on what’s important – by seeing it through different perspectives. But I can not do that any longer. When these kinds of messages are delivered by the man who was ruled Israel for over a decade says that our kids should take care of what his dysfunctional government has not been able to handle.

It resembles the Iran-Iraq war from 1980 – 1988 in many ways. Iran did send their kids to the frontlines when lacking sufficient combatants to counter the Iraqi army. Iran actually did so before they even ran out of options. I don’t see a big difference really. Here we are talking about our kids, our future, being sent to the front lines to combat a virus of which most people are scared of?

I can’t find words any longer. I’ve run out of them. When I thought we couldn’t sink any lower, we do so by suggesting that our kids will take care of something that resembles a viral epidemic. It goes against any protocol available, against every single law, against the Geneva convention, against WHO guidelines, against the UN, against absolutely everything.

So, before suggesting to send our kids to disinfect public places, some of them actually dangerous – do send your kids first Mr. Bibi.

And no, Chlorine does not kill a virus.

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