ICC is not Abbas’ principal’s office

Today on Fatah’s facebook page, an image of the Israeli PM with a noose that said “soon” was posted for a hot minute. This is after a picture of skulls, presumbly Jewish, was posted for their 50th anniversary. It was also removed, with some lame excuse.

The image posted today was a reference to the ICC. The ICC, which does not have a death penalty as an option.  The ICC, which does not proscecute countries. The ICC, which has prosecuted less than 50% of people referred.

It would seem to me that the PA, who is in a unity government with Hamas, could figure this out. Oh, the PA would be held responsible forthe actions of Hamas (shooting rockets at civilians), the actions of terrorists (running over civilians) and inciting violence against civilians.  Yeah….funny how that works.

The ICC is not a place for some one to threathen when they don’t get their way. It is a serious organization that investigates horrific crimes.They deserve our respect . Instead, the PA is using it as their personal principal’s office. Instead of making idle threats, why not use that energy to making peace possible. That would be a great thing

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