Ice-Scream for Co-Existence

After learning how to make artisanal ice-cream during a year off in Europe, Adam Ziv of Kibbutz Sassa came back to Israel. He was determined to bring some new flavours to the Israeli food scene. As a first step he joined Alaa Sweitat, a restaurant owner in the Arab town of Tarshiha, to create Buza – an Arabic word meaning Ice-Cream. As the name suggests Buza is a great place to buy locally made Israeli Ice-cream. But the mission is not limited to the kitchen, Buza sees itself as  a co-existence enterprise, working to help bridge divides in Israel.
We caught up with Adam to find out more, including the phenomenal growth of the business, the unusual flavors,  a recent UN award and how ice cream might just be the missing ingredient in the quest for peace in the Middle East.
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Benji Shulman is from Johannesburg, South Africa, he has a masters degree in Geography and has worked in a range of fields in the Jewish community including education, advocacy, environment and outreach. He loves radio and has a hosted numerous shows on 101.9 ChaiFm in the last decade.
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