Ici c’est Paris, not Jerusalem

I tried publishing something the other day in response to the reactions in the Israeli press to the attacks in Paris, mostly reacting to the comments, because: way to go Israelis, you’re showing such a kind supportive face, you’re guaranteed French people will fall in love with you all over again. Not.

But now it’s in the articles, and blogs:

“French realizing they, and not just Jews, are targets.”

No shit Sherlock, Jews aren’t the only victims of terrorism in France? Charlie Hebdo weren’t Jewish, the French citizens kidnapped in North Africa and in Mali weren’t Jews either. The victims of the 1995 bombing by the GIA (Groupe Islamiste Armé) weren’t Jews either. Do Jihadists hate Jews? For damn sure. Is it embarrassing for a journalist to play French lives against equally French Jewish lives? You bet it is. What about the internationals who died? Wanna point the finger at them and say: I told you so? French citizens were killed twice this year and that’s all you can come up with? Two Jews were killed by the way, what is the next headline gonna be? “Paris fails its Jews again”? Jesus Christ already.

We’re all Israelis Now:

Hell no we’re not. Not even close. We are not an occupying military power. You do realize that even as your fellow citizens are getting stabbed, people are saying: yeah well you’re occupying aren’t you? How long has it gone on? Israelis hardly accept any blame for whatever happens to them, and here comes Thane Rosenbaum talking about France living like Israel. We’re not living like Israelis, we don’t have checkpoints and armed teenagers shooting civilians, we don’t have insane right wing settlers grabbing land, burning houses and killing children.

The French lived like Israelis, that was in the 60s and that was because much like Israel is today, France was still a colonial power. We’re attacked now because we’re fighting terror and jihad, and religious fanaticism in the Middle East, not because we can’t make peace with our neighbors for seventy years. Seventy years Thane Rosenbaum, are you guys gonna do anything about it and grow up? No, blame France for its suffering, blame the victims for their own blood. Ok, fine, but let’s make that a universal principle shall we? And lay every Israeli victim, at the feet of Israeli policy, since you’re so quick to do that with other people.

And that’s all I have the time, or the spirit to deal with. You should be ashamed of yourselves begging for the world’s sympathy and dishing out mockery. You should be ashamed of yourselves, recuperating deaths abroad callously to make a whiny point about Israel. Is that all you’re good for? Crying and weeping and pointing the finger at the French who are mean to you? Boohoohoo the world is so mean to poor Israel, serves you right France?

France will keep fighting, and France will be France. We will wine, dine, and eat as much pork as we possibly can. We will keep mocking whichever religious leader we please, and piss off tourists no-end. That’s what we do, and we’re doing it well. Ici c’est Paris. The day Israelis figure out who they are, is the day you will have the right to point the finger and lay blame, not now, not even close.

About the Author
Mame Bougouma Diene is a civil servant on permanent vacation even when he works 70 hours a week, who also blogs for the Times of Israel in French. He's French-Senegalese American, loves Israel and the Middle East, would really like to see an end to this intractable mess in his lifetime.