Michael Pycher

Ideological Bigotry of the ‘Left’

After an election that brought the rhetoric of major news networks to that of reality television, followed by the most unlikely upset in US political history, emotions are high and understandably raw.

While many prematurely admonished the presumptive loser Donald Trump for his lack of willingness to outright concede the election results should they not be in his favor, few of his detractors considered their own sentiments if the roles were reversed. Well, The Donald was elected the 45th president of the United States, and that reality has come to pass. Many of his critics have voiced their discontent openly, as is to be expected. Let’s review the dignified eloquence that followed…(all will remain anonymous)

“The bigots have their leader. Congrats racist America”

“If you voted for Trump you are ignorant, racist, or both…pick one”

“Just blame the racist and sexist mofos that voted Trump because the one thing this election reinforced was that racist white men hate white women the most.”

“Rural white people are ignorant, moronic, racist, sexist troglodytes.”

“Florida is the perfect reason to euthanize old people.”

“Can we deport racist white people instead?”

For a voter population that was so easily insulted by Trump’s obscenities, they seem to have adapted quite well. Somehow, this type of rhetoric is now the communally agreed upon voice of the “Left.” Because hate out of the mouth of a Leftist is a rally cry, and hate out of the mouth of a conservative is deplorable.

So I will offer up some insight and not mince words. This is hate speech. Flagrant hate speech. It reveals the true colors that existed all along. And it is being allowed to permeate. It is tolerated. It is being inflamed by ideology while telling those who agree that “it’s ok to speak this way since you are on our side. We will let you scare, intimidate, and belittle others who are not us.”

This hate is why the “left” lost. A population in this country was made to feel “less than,” and for some reason, it went unchecked by those who take pride in equality. It’s worth noting that the notoriously bigoted KKK is more subtle about their hatred. They don’t brag about it with quite the same infallible elitism. The “Left” seems to say it loud and say it proud with a moral superiority that allowed them to be blinded by it. As hatred tends to do.

Inconvenient as it may be, the truth is that half the country has a right to their opinion as well, regardless of if it’s one you condone. Most of these people are not bigots. They don’t opposed LGBT or women’s rights. They have no qualm with immigrants, Muslims, etc. They don’t particularly like being falsely accused of it either in place of their concerns for economic well-being, moral and religious abidance, and interest in policies that promote the upholding of existing, approved laws. These Americans simply have a different perspective on things, and are fed up with being maligned in public for not agreeing with your opinion. From an anonymous female Trump supporter:

“People are tired of being bullied. They hate being maligned by arrogant people with inflated sense of moral superiority. They’re sick of constant judgments of their character and their morals. The authoritarian hypocrisy on the left is clear for everyone but them to see.”

People are right to feel maligned. Why wouldn’t they vote to counter the intolerant ideological threat surrounding them? It’s ironically, the same threat the “Left” accuses the Christian “Right” of. A world created by ideological bigotry of the self-righteous moral elite. The reality is, the people who voted for Trump are certainly not all racists. They care about equality just as much as many on the Left. They correctly respect women and they encourage immigration. Their views have just been drowned out and silenced before they have the chance to express them. Try talking to some of them. Inquire about their reasoning. They are smart people. They are good, loving, and caring people. Many people who voted for Trump were white males. They were also black. They were Hispanic. They were women, gay, straight, immigrants, secular, Christian, Jewish, and even Muslim. If they weren’t, Trump wouldn’t have won.

Today, this labeling occurs in places of highly-visible, communal shaming, making it all too easy for the hate speech from one individual to instantly amplify and hemorrhage, rapidly and irrationally across the web. For as much as progressives push the notion of “safe spaces”, those safe spaces seem to only be designated for themselves. Because those with conflicting views do not feel safe expressing their thoughts in work places, on campuses, in social media, or the media out of fear of snap judgment vilification. As a result, the “left” has successfully established a witch-hunt attitude where those who see things differently, feel it necessary to remain in the shadows. An environment so hostile they’d rather retreat.

Bigotry (n): stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

Ideology (n): the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.

The “Left” needs a look in the mirror. Some Americans had an idea that was different than your idea. They should be allowed to do so without accusations and labels; most importantly…without your hatred. That is ideological bigotry. And the “Right” should do the same.

To the “Left” who are distraught and irate with how the election played out. Peace is making amends with those you disagree with, not those you already do. The tolerance that you have long fought for; the tolerance that you have championed, the equality for those that never had it, that we all yearn for; don’t forget it. It is your most precious strength. Without it, well…just read the comments above.

About the Author
Michael Pycher is an Israeli/American filmmaker and start-up entrepreneur. He grew up in South Florida and is an active member of the Los Angeles Jewish community.
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