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‘IDF stretched thin from uptick in settler violence’

‘Gallant adds that the IDF has been stretched thin due to an uptick in settler violence and Palestinian terror groups have exploited this weakness to carry out more attacks’

The current, extremist Israeli government led by criminal terrorists and Jewish Supremacists who will only exacerbate the ‘cycle of violence’ for their own benefit and deep biblical delusions.

Smotrich now plans to put 100s of millions of dollars into strengthening the most violent and unstable Jewish settlers who, yesterday, I believe, attacked and sprayed chemicals on Israeli Border Police and IDF. Neither Smotrich nor Ben Gvir will call them out. Instead, Ben Gvir wants to ‘lock down’ Palestinian towns…a uniquely bad idea.

Netanyahu, in the meantime, is apparently hiding in his office with the door locked. Just as Trump is ready to implode the United States in an attempt to escape justice which has – finally – caught up with him, Netanyahu is ready to do the same to Israel.

Unlike Trump, however, Netanyahu once had a backbone. What happened? Their rank corruption and believed impunity is the common thread. But the damage wrought by Netanyahu on Israel could have a far more significant impact.

Israel’s hard Right has been given power it never dreamed based on Netanyahu’s Faustian deal made only so he can evade his own legal accountability. And Netanyahu did so with absolute indifference to the security and future of Israel.

The biggest problem facing Israel now is not ‘oppressive Westerners’ but violent Jewish extremist and anti-Palestinian racists who’ve been given unchecked power in the Knesset.

As I’ve written over the past years, Netanyahu represents a far greater threat to Israel than Hamas, the PA and Iran combined. And that was before he brought Smotrich and Ben Gvir into government.

Live Update: Ben Gvir urges locking down Palestinian towns in cabinet meet; Gallant pushes back

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