If BDS is boycotting Israel (together with the world )

No, Benjamin Netanyahu is not overstating when he says that the BDS movement’s attack to Israel is reminiscent of the Nazi Germany’s campaign against the Jews just before Hitler came to power. That is how things are, even if the protagonists of the anti-Israeli “boycott and divestment” do not wear boots or uniforms.

Among them, there are those students and teachers from London who democratically voted to ban any contact with all Israeli academic institutions. There is the top executive of Orange, a leading French telecommunications company, who said he would “withdraw from the Israeli market tomorrow if he could” (then his firms apologized).

There is FIFA: it decided to back down at the last moment when it was about to bar Israel from the soccer fields upon request of the terrorist Jibril Rajoub, chief of the Palestinian Football Association. Among them, there are 16 European Foreign ministers with their letter to the EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, asking her to ensure the labelling of goods produced in the West Bank, so that they can put a sort of yellow star on them. Not to mention the UN, whose Committee on NGOs just allowed the Palestinian Return Center (which is basically a front for Hamas) to acquire official UN badges, while it kept out Zaka and the sacred work of its voluntaries who retrieve the remains of the victims of terror attacks.

The same UN that, after pressing requests, barely refrained from putting Israel on a list of child-killers along with Boko Haram and ISIS. There is Ban Ki-moon, who criticizes Israel for its intervention in Gaza, thus denying its right to defend itself, and the Human Right Council who puts on the same page Israel and Hamas writing on its rapport that they both “may have committed war crimes”. There are actors and musicians who exclude Israel from theaters, and reckless groups of scientists who refuse to have any contact with Israeli researches that may save us from cancer or Alzheimer.

There are researchers in the high-tech field who keep rejecting Israel even if they are perfectly aware that we would have never reached the current technology levels without its contribution. In many European and American university campuses, regularly you can meet a week about Israel during which the most unbelievable lies, accusations of apartheid and ethnic cleansing are disseminated. Meanwhile Israeli Arabs, who are a fifth of the population, are the most free, integrated (even in the Knesset) and secure in the whole Middle East.

These holy champions of human rights have never protected the victims of the Syrian tragedy, of the Iranian regime and of the Libyan bloodshed. The BDS movement is anti-Semite, and it is carrying out a new kind of war, a very clever one, since it actually legalizes an authentic anti-Israeli persecution hiding under the false claim of being against the occupation and in favour of the well-being of the Palestinians. This is not true. It is simply an attack against the very existence of the Jewish State. It disregards the fact that the Palestinian State must be built through negotiations because the Territories – which were occupied in 1967 only because Jordan had attacked Israel -in a future agreement, if they will be part, any portion of them, of a Palestinian state should provide security guarantees.

The 1967 borders in themselves do not guarantee it. Morevore, Israel offered many times to leave the most of them, and any proposal has been rejected because the Palestinians aim at making Israel disappear, not at coexisting with it. And the negotiation process, which is essential in order to decide how and if two States could live in safety and security, becomes impossible if the world, together with the BDS movement, tries to hand down to the Palestinians a situation shaped by hatred. Besides, the BDS movement can damage the whole world in the fight against terrorism as well as from a scientific, cultural, economic and from a deeper moral point of view.

This is because a young generation in the campuses is growing up nowadays, like the young Nazis or the young Communists at their times, building its political identity on a bunch of lies. Can we change this situation?

Yes, it takes a titanic struggle on the truth and education. But for the time being, at least it is necessary to stop immediately the flow of funds filling BDS coffers in the travesty of human rights. It is urgent and it is a great task. We could say that it is up to Europe, strange that it sounds so ridiculous.

About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.