If I Forget It, My Whole World Falls Apart

Our need for mobile devices has long passed the point of “nice to have”. Our mobiles and tablets have become a full entity with “personality” and human traits that accompany us at any given time. For advertisers this addiction is a real business opportunity breakthrough with unbelievable rewards, provided they use it wisely.

We went out and researched how “tricky” mobile advertising is and what is the value of it. This research is based on Millward Brown’s research that has engraved the term “Ad Reaction” as the:  behaviors, attitudes and responses to advertising. We came up with a few findings:

Finding #1 –People Are Crazy for Their Mobile Devices

“My tablet provides me freedom. To discover new things, research interesting topics and “bounce” between business and pleasure at any given time”.

“I can get information on anything, throughout the day without having to move. ‘He’ is my personal, sweet butler”.

“My tablet is the most fun thing that happened to me in a long time”.

According to research, the term “Ad Reaction” states that people expect real value for their invested time and attention.  The most valued item people get from their mobile ads is sales and coupons (44%), the next valued item is free tools (27%), next is new products (18%) and lastly is fun features (15%).

Given the fact that consumer’s wishes and demands are constantly changing, advertisers have become obsessed with making the “connection” between their consumer and the brand. Though the average time we are exposed to any given brand has tremendously increased, the connection with the brand is not a given and should not be taken for granted. This is a frustrating conundrum for advertisers: greater exposure to a brand does not always translate into money and revenues.

Finding #2 – Reciprocity is at the Heart of it

According to Robert Cialdini “the principle of reciprocity is where a person will try and give back according to what they received”. Can this principle bring to a change in trend? Can it generate love or obsession for a brand? Can it generate a connection to a brand and bring a sale? In the mobile world the principle of reciprocity is condensed into a single question:

Is it Worth My Time?

Will I or my family benefit from this ad? Will it make me laugh? Will it make me play? Will I enjoy it? Will I profit from it? In recent years consumers have increased their expectations from their mobile devices; “I expect that the information I obtain through my mobile device will be reliable, personally tailored to suit my interests, values and provide a true value for my time”.  If the value does meet the consumer’s expectations, the consumer, in return, will be open to receiving more marketing based feeds through their mobile device and a connection based on this trust is made between the consumer and the brand.  This connection has great effects on the consumer’s way of obtaining content and shopping habits.

Finding#3:  What Can A Single Ad Do?

  • Bring a consumer to click on an advertising platform web_2
  • Lead the consumer to a brand’s website
  • Lead the consumer to a brand’s shop
  • Search the website for any mentioning’s of the brand
  • Seriously consider future purchase of the brand’s products or services
  • Encourage a website visit, comment and sharing in social media

As a result of the above mentioned points, an ad can raise the awareness and effectiveness in the mobile channels and the consumer’s preference with regards to other brands.

Advertiser, Would You Like a Part of Me?

The greater the saturation on mobile platforms, the greater the power of those consumers who enviously guard their mobile allocated “hour bank”. This “hour bank” is divided throughout the day between music content, news, social media, games, information and more. For advertisers, the task of differentiating their brand is greater every day. To overcome this challenge, advertisers must ask themselves the following:

Am I familiar with my market? With todays’ and tomorrows consumers?

How can I keep track with the ever changing consumer demands and interests?

What is the goal of this ad? Sales? Game? Brand Awareness?

Do I have an actual proposal for my consumer with a real value for them?

Is my ad relevant to the consumer? Is it placed in the right time at the right medium and place?

How can I time the ad to be moderate and attractive?

Most importantly – Do I provide my consumer the right to choose between the brand and all other available alternatives?

Good Luck!

About the Author
Michal Gat is VP at BizDev & Marketing-TitanBrandwise. Brand strategy with over 17 years of experience in developing brand strategies and implementation.