James Harmon
“The truth will set you free” (John 8:32)

If I May

Being non-Jewish I am a bit reticent to comment on what is currently going on in Israel but as an American, thoroughly disgusted with our current government, I would respectively submit the following.

I am hard pressed to understand how completely ignorant one must be to think, for a second, that most of the Palestinians in the strip and the West Bank honestly want a two state solution. The only reason this old mantra has been resuscitated at this point in the war against Hamas is to stop the total defeat of what is left of Hamas and leave the door open for another future opportunity for them to remove the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people from the land via another October 7th attack.


How much current and historical evidence does one need to realize that this is the ultimate goal?

The flip flopping stance of the current US government is simply a political attempt to garner support from the growing anti-Semitic voices in the US, to appease the anti-Semitic voices in the UN, to avoid conflict with Iran at any price and maintain relations with Egypt and Jordan. The days of standing on principle, standing up for what is right and “damn the torpedoes” are presently over in the US. Our politicians lick their fingers and stick them up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. When one won’t stand up for what is right and just but instead takes the side of those who are against what is right and just then one is a coward.

The current US president is not mentally capable of making the momentous decisions regarding US policy being currently attributed to him. Others are making these decisions and positions for him. Is this not abundantly clear to some of you? I grow weary with the inability, or refusal, of so many to think rationally and critically with regards to most any issue. God expects us to think logically and do what is right regardless of the cost!

Today I celebrate the fact that Israel was able to rescue two of the hostages last night. I pray that all of the remaining hostages can be rescued. But, being able to think rationally and critically, I realize that the primary goal must be the complete elimination of Hamas.

May God bless the nation of Israel, her army, her navy, her Air Force and her citizens.

About the Author
James Harmon was born and raised on the Island of Trinidad, in the West Indies, to American missionaries. From 1975 to 1995he worked in the oil fields of Oklahoma, Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, offshore Cameroon W. Africa, the Ivory Coast of W. Africa, Siberia Russia and Sweden (we drilled an exploratory well for the Swedish government). From 1995 until he retired in 2021 he sold construction equipment in Oklahoma and Texas. James has a Masters of Theology degree from Maranatha Seminary. His studies were in Biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek, Isagogics and Systematic Theology. His exposure to various nationalities and cultures has given him a well rounded perspective on life. His Christian faith puts much of that perspective to good use.