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If I were Sinwar’s speechwriter . . .

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. . . Thank God the Merciful that I am not.

But if I were, on the day Biden and Blinken unveil their “day after” peace plan, it would sound like this —

My dear Brothers and Sisters of Hamas, and all our Palestinian people – Come forward to hear my historic words.

“Words of historic VICTORY.

“We have WON.

“We will, at long last, have our Statehood.

“Let us celebrate! Our long, armed struggle has prevailed against the Zionist occupiers of our homeland. We shall have our homeland again.

“And in time, we shall drive the Zionists out to the sea, as we have prayed for so long.

“What has rewarded us with this great bounty?

Only spilling their blood with our holy swords!

“For 75 years – since that catastrophe that drove us from our land – our people have been too weak and our leaders too timid. They have talked. They have negotiated.

“They harassed the occupiers with bombs and rockets and two uprisings by our oppressed people.

“But they accepted the existence of the Zionist entity.

All for nothing.  None of that brought us our Statehood or a return of our homeland. The Palestinian Authority, Fatah, the PLO, Black September and the rest – they only brought down upon us more Zionist oppression.

“What delivered us our Statehood and our homeland was HAMAS’s well-planned, well-executed, merciless armed jihad!  Let us long remember October 7th as the Day of our Deliverance.

“I speak with reverence, too, for our many thousands of faithful martyrs – the men, women and children of Gaza. It was necessary to sacrifice them. We knew that after we exacted justice from just a few of the occupiers, their brutal army would pursue us into Gaza, to take revenge. We honor as martyrs our civilian population who shielded our brave fighters with their homes and schools and hospitals and their own lives.

“In just a few days after October 7th, marginalized peoples around the world accepted our jihad as a righteous strike by an oppressed people against their oppressors.

“Their politicians soon overlooked our bloodletting, but instead blamed the occupiers’ for killing our civilians who were our shields against their brutal Zionist revenge.

“We had turned the table. We became the David to the Zionist GoliathThey were accused of the genocide!

“Meanwhile, the captives that we took from the occupied territory – and still hold – deepened the dissension in the occupiers’ population, who demand their corrupt regime pay whatever price we set for their release – as we knew they would.

“Spilling the occupiers’ blood, with the whole world watching, was rewarded with an even greater miracle:  It brought the United States of America, led by Biden and Blinken, to our side, turning against the Zionists.

“God is great!”


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