If Mary and Joseph were alive today…


Here we go again. It’s that time of year again. Every single year, in the days leading up to Christmas you will find propaganda about how Mary and Joseph would be unable to enter Bethlehem if they had been alive today.

First of all they would not be safe in today’s Bethlehem. Today there are no Jews in Bethlehem and Jewish Israelis are strictly warned not to enter the city because of the threat posed by Palestinian terror groups.

Second of all it is absurd to think that a SECURITY barrier would be something that two Jews like Mary and Joseph would worry about. Today, Jews in Judea and Samaria (“West Bank”) are attacked daily with rocks and firebombs. If Mary and Joseph would worry about anything, it would be these daily attacks from Palestinians. And it baffles me that people still to this day don’t understand that he security barrier is a direct RESULT of thousands of shooting and bombing attacks against Israelis.

If anything, Mary and Joseph would be grateful for all the Israeli security measures, which would protect them and their future son from the ongoing violent attacks against Jewish civilians in Judea and Samaria.

About the Author
Andreas Fagerbakke is a Pro-Israel blogger from Norway