Leo Dee
Leo Dee

If that’s Woke, I’d rather be Asloop

t’s sad watching the atrocities going on in Afghanistan. But it’s also sad watching the world’s media and liberals crying out about the atrocities going on in Afghanistan. Their crocodile tears are the latest example of extremist slactivism that permeates Western society. What we are witnessing is an ethical dilemma caused by a system of faulty ethics.

Wokism, the ethical philosophy behind “Black Lives Matter,” claims that the worst crime in the universe is Colonialism. The American whites are Colonialists, the British are Colonialists (tear down the statue of Churchill) and of course the Israelis are Colonialists (give them back Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa).

This is a faulty ethical philosophy. And nowhere is it more apparent than in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a land which cannot rule itself. Yes, independence and the right to nationalism are great ideals. But sometimes, in highly tribal locations they are but a dream. The American presence in Afghanistan maintained some sort of control over tribal tensions and now, with their withdrawal, these tensions have ignited and, very sadly, are leading to the slaughter of many thousands of innocent men, women and children.

But if you’re Woke, that’s a necessary price to pay for your anti-Colonial ethics. 

But what if Colonialism is not the worst evil? What if there is a worse evil still? Like Tribalism? Like Genocide?

There is a solution for Afghanistan, and that is the one that I would guess that most of it’s citizens would chose if given an option. And that is American occupation with the building of a stable police force, schools, hospitals, agricultural reform, energy policy and so on.

But if you’re Woke, that’s not an option. So the world’s media can only continue to cry crocodile tears and bemoan the injustices (which all the while they continue to promote). An ethical dilemma caused by a system of faulty ethics.

Well, if that’s Woke, I’d rather be Asloop.

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The writer is the emeritus Rabbi of Radlett United Synagogue with a Masters degree in Public Health from Hebrew University and a lifelong career in finance.
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