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If the Americans and the Europeans can’t win an Israeli election, what makes you think they can bring peace to the Middle East?

The Israeli “left” was going to win the election. I don’t think the majority of left wing news networks fixed the polls. I really think they were on their way to win. They were going to win because they attacked Bibi for his lack of care for internal issues. If “A Nuclear Iran” was the name of a state, well, a whole lot of Israelis believed that he loved that state more than Israel. Bibi’s Iran acted like Iran’s Zionists – blame a faraway fear and take pressure off internal issues. The left were so close. But they lost and here’s my humble hypothesis – from the people who brought you today’s Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Da’esh, now, the Israeli elections.

Yes, that’s right. The Americans and the Europeans helped the left lose an election they could have won without them (what bigger question this brings us to, I’ll get to at the end). It’s true that I base this theory partly on a conspiracy theory but hey, everyone loves a good conspiracy theory once in a while. Here’s mine.

The heads of the left party started off the right way. The focus was on internal issues. This was Bibi’s Achilles Heel. But then, something happened. Instead of digging the dagger deeper into the heel, what did they do? It all of a sudden became talk about the possible end of an episode in Jewish History. The subtext was written all over the screen – the Zionist dream is coming to a tragic bitter end because Bibi and the radical right are leading us off a cliff.

Question: Why go there? You are the left. The Israeli public today, more than ever and especially after operation Competitive Edge, are center right. Nicely leaning to the right. Most Israelis believe there is no one to talk to on the other side. Abu Mazen denied Olmert’s proposal and supposedly, Bibi’s (let’s not even go to Arafat-Barak). Taking this turn was the beginning of the end for a left victory. Why? Because at this point, when Bibi saw that the left were stupid enough to campaign about a historical end, well, in these waters Bibi is in his element. With a father who was a famous Jewish historian and the fact that he himself is, i’ll give him this, an excellent communicator, the left were done. He no longer had to bandage up his Achilles heel. The left had done that for him. He, in return, took out his best spear and spoke the exact same language and let’s face it, when Bibi says we are on the verge of falling off a cliff, it’s as powerful as Chuck Norris. And nobody messes with Chuck. And that was that. Bibi managed to gobble up some of Bennett’s votes and Yishai’s votes and in the process even managed to strengthen Liberman by a seat. No, sorry, it wasn’t Bibi, it was someone else who did this. It was the Americans and the Europeans.

“They Say” that the Americans and the EU massively funded the left and some even say that they assisted with the strategy. I don’t know if this is true but I buy it. Why? Because the Israeli left couldn’t have been so dumb to think that if they brought the talk back to left vs right that they’d win. They were here after all during competitive edge, they felt what Israelis felt and that’s that most of us are right with a comfortable center cushion just in case.

Only voices and thoughts which brought to the world a bleeding Iraq, a schizophrenic Libya and the creation of the angel of death in shap and form of Da’esh could be so dumb as to turn the election campaign in such a way. This thesis has Said’s Oreintalism written all over it – “we will tell you what the right thing to do is.” Obama and America are to blame but not as much as the Europeans. America are after all too young a country. But Europe? One would have thought that after the medieval period they would have learnt that the Middle-East isn’t a place they will ever understand. They didn’t learn the lesson in the 20th century either. Nor in the 21st. But I like the team spirit and not giving up. Maybe one day…

There is however one thing which the Americans and Europeans did give us. Disguising their interference when they conspired with the left to bring people to protest a few years ago (for the left it meant money and hope that they’d overtake Bibi) they brought us a new kind of dialogue for the first time in Israeli history. For the first time the Israeli voter wanted to vote based on internal issues and not Iran or the Palestinians. That doesn’t mean these issues weren’t concerning but we’d be ok. Cartels and monopolies are much worse. So thanks to them this election has brought us Kachlon and friends a like whose primary concern are internal issues (on that note, it’s interesting to see how Americacentric some of the US news networks are when they discuss the current challenges in Israel. It comes purely from their point of view, as if they have a say in what we the Israeli people want).

But here’s the real bottom line. If you can’t win an Israeli election because you clearly don’t understand or grasp what is going on in Israel, which is one side of the conflict, how the hell do you think you can grasp a matter which concerns peace between two?! Americans and European friends, do yourselves a favor – don’t be like Iran and Bibi. Stop vocalizing concerns about Iraq, Libya Da’esh and peace in the Middle East instead of dealing with internal issues. Nothing good has ever come out of it for you and it never will. As for us, let’s hope we get a leadership which listens to the voice of Israelis, together and united – because historically, when we are, we win.

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Jonnie Schnytzer, author of Mossad thriller The Way Back, is probably the only Yid to hold a PhD in Jewish Philosophy who can say that he once beat the head of the IDF Naval commandos in a swimming race. Jonnie is a researcher and lecturer with an academic forte in medieval kabbalistic manuscripts and lectures on a wide variety of topics relating to Judaism. Previously, Jonnie has served as Advisor to the CEO of Taglit-Birthright Israel, taught and led Israel advocay delegations with StandWithUs and directed the strategic partnerships of the Israel-Asia Center. Jonnie is a passionate Essendon Bombers supporter.
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