If you invited Ayman Odeh, you get what you deserve

Ayman Odeh is the leader of the Israeli Communist Party and chairman of the joint Arab list in the Knesset, a party with 13 delegates in a state which Odeh and his friends call an” Apartheid State”. Odeh is now in the US in a P.R visit in which he will visit Atlanta , the home town of his ”hero” Martin Luther King Jr[MLK]. In the best[or maybe worst?] tradition of the good-meaning American Jewish establishment, he was invited by the Presidents Conference to speak there to leaders of America’s Jews. Why not?. After all his ”hero” is MLK, who , just for the information of Comrade Odeh was pro-Israel. Well,”our” Odeh refused to talk to the Conference, because upon entering the building in NY, he found out ,how tragically, that this building is also the headquarters of the ”Zionist” Jewish Agency, so ”our” follower of MLK would not enter a ”Zionist” building. Surely a nice statement for an Israeli parliamentarian , a member of the ”Zionist” Knesset, something which definitely was done in the spirit of MLK.

So, in order to understand the full extent of this farce, some background is needed here. The Israeli Communist party was, and continues to be, the most Stalinist unabashed Communist party in the Western world. Still supporting without any reservation the old Socialist homeland, still standing behind all the anti-Semitic atrocities committed by the Soviet Union against the Jewish people. They regret only two things-first, that the Soviet Union is no more. Second-, that the Soviet Union allowed Jews out to Israel during the last years of Michael Gorbachev, a man who is considered a traitor to the cause by ”our” Odeh and his likes. The joint Arab List is a coalition of Communists, Jihadist Islamists and ultra Palestinian nationalists. Few weeks ago, Foreign Policy magazine elected ”our” Odeh to be one of the 100 most influential global thinkers of 2015, because of his success to combine such a political coalition of presumed potential adversaries. REALLY?. It is so easy to do it. No need to be a thinker at all, let alone a ”global influential thinker”, as all you need to understand is, that all these guys have only one thing in common, and this is the desire to have Israel disappear. But Foreign Policy magazine is supposed to know more, or, as I believe, knows really nothing.

Odeh was in Nazareth not too long ago in one of his visits in Arab communities in Israel during the stabbing campaign
of Palestinian terrorists against Jews in Israel, visits intended to put more petrol into the fire. So, it was no other than the brave mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salam, who in front of TV cameras, ordered Odeh out of the city of Nazareth, calling him an inciter of hatred. How lucky we are, that Salam does not read Foreign Policy magazine. In fairness to Salam , he is not pro-Zionist , why should he be?.But unlike Odeh and other imposters like him, he really wants a peaceful co-existence between Jews and Arabs in Israel, a state which he, Salam, refers to as ”my state”. Here is where I need to start being personal. I am a life-long Beitari, a disciple of the great teacher and leader , Zeev Jabotinsky, who taught us, that in the Jewish state to be established, an Arab could even be the P.M , as ”there, the Arab, the Christian and the Jew will live in affluence and happiness together”[sorry for the clumsy translation, but the Hebrew words are so majestic].

Surely, Jabotinsky made it clear, that it could happen when there is a Jewish majority in a state which fulfills the Zionist vision. May sound rosy and cosy in view of the reality of today’s Israel, but not a vision to be abandoned even in tough times like now. Israel could and should do MUCH more in order to have its Arab citizens completely fully-fledged members of the state, but Israel is caught in a deadly conflict with the REAL friends of ”Our” Odeh, and there is at least one thing, that Israel should never do in order to be nice to the Odehs of the world. This is to stop being a Zionist State, the National Home of the Jewish people. So, my opposition to Odeh and company is not to Arabs as such, far from it. It is to those who, like Odeh, sugar coat their fundamental opposition to Jewish statehood under the guise of slogans and references to MLK, and this relates also to the Jews who are members of the Arab List, people who oppose Jewish religion and nationalism, but admire Islam and Palestinian nationalism.

Not all Israel’s Arabs are like Odeh, and Ali Salam is just one notable example of them. The Jewish leaders in NY should have known better before inviting Odeh, and regretfully enough, he taught them a lesson which could have been avoided. What however about inviting Ali Salam?

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina