IFLAC-Peace Forum






Non-Profit Organization No. 58-035-275-5

IFLAC is a VOLUNTARY NON-PROFIT organization that operates in the spirit of love of humanity, tolerance and the advancement of understanding and peace between peoples and nations, and toward the following goals:

1.  To strive for the promotion of peace and mutual respect between peoples and nations, through communication and Bridges of Literature and Culture on the Internet.

2.  To Subscribe to our IFLAC DIGEST (more than 4000 editions have already been published on the Internet), through our IFLAC WEBSITE at  . Please give LIKES generously to all the Iflac items you like on this website and on Facebook, and participate actively on the IFLAC Digest.

3. To publish the IFLAC PEACE ANTHOLOGY, including peace literature and culture, exclusive items by international researchers, writers, poets, philosophers, journalists, artists. The 2016 – 2017 IFLAC Anthology, included fascinating items from 24 countries!  The 2018 Anthology, will include writers and poets from more than 25 countries

4. To found local and international IFLAC branches and websites, in order to acquire and spread a literature and culture of peace. Research of peace culture and literature, national and international.

5. Advance the research of peace literature and culture and strive towards spreading the idea of peace culture around the world.

6. To develop relations with researchers of peace culture, writers, unions and friends of peace literature.

To establish links with the media, including television and internet, various organizations of artists, journalists, etc., to enhance the culture and literature of peace in all its aspects.

To work for fair human relations and culture of peace between people. To strive for tolerance, co-existence and understanding without discrimination based on race, gender, religion or origin.

To promote meetings of authors and artists with the general public including the younger generation, students, soldiers, etc., at all branches of the organization in each country and international meetings through the Internet.

To collaborate with institutions and organizations active in the advancement of peace through literature and cultural bridges.

About the Author
Anna Banasiak is a poet and literary critic from Lodz, Poland. She studied Polish philology and culture studies at the University of Warsaw. She is the winner of poetry competitions in Berlin, London and Bratislava. Her poems have appeared online via New York, London, Surrey, Australia, Canada, India and South Africa.