David Elmescany

Illuminating the True Essence of the Holy Land

“Viva Israel” is a project that I, David Elmescany, conceived and brought to life. As a Brazilian immigrant to Israel and a former sergeant in the Israeli army who served in an infantry unit, this experience has given me a unique and in-depth view of the ground reality. The aim of my project is to illuminate the treasures of the Holy Land and share them primarily with the Portuguese-speaking audience, in an attempt to clarify the virtues and complexities of Israel.

I migrated to Israel in 2003, and after my military service, I quickly identified a deeply rooted problem: the biggest challenge that Israel faces in the eyes of the world is, and continues to be, a lack of understanding and communication. With my professional background in advertising, I noticed how the world often only sees one side of the coin, failing to comprehend the full panorama of Israel’s existence.

In my view, the primary culprits are the rulers of Israel, who often get lost in political debates between left and right, neglecting Israel’s real challenge: the need to explain to the world what is really going on here.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources and support from governmental entities or donations, my ability to reach larger audiences with this critical message has been limited. Even so, I managed to gather a considerable following: my social media platforms have over one million followers. I believe that if pro-Israel governments or organizations would look at people like me, who have been in this fight for more than 15 years, and could assist even with the smallest possible help, the situation could be vastly different.

The mainstream media, for the most part, does not tell the story as it should, leaving the world in the dark about the true state of affairs. This imbalance in reporting is one of the main challenges that Viva Israel seeks to address.

Politically, I do not align myself with either left or right ideologies. I see myself as a citizen on a mission to safeguard my homeland. “I am neither left nor right; I am a citizen trying to protect our land, our only land,” is my motto.

Viva Israel is more than a personal project; it’s a platform intended to change perspectives and foster a more nuanced understanding of Israel. Despite the obstacles I face, I remain committed to my mission to disseminate knowledge about the Holy Land to the Portuguese-speaking world, and beyond.

In summary, the Viva Israel project serves as a testament to the power of an individual’s dedication to change narratives and build bridges of understanding. Although the journey is challenging, the impact of such initiatives can be far-reaching, shedding light on the many layers of Israel’s rich history, vibrant culture, and complex political landscape.

About the Author
As an Advertising professional and the founder of the "Viva Israel" project in Portuguese, I have been dedicated to bringing the various aspects of Israel to Portuguese speakers. I immigrated to Israel in 2003 and served in the military until 2007. In addition, I work closely with the Israeli Police in the Old City, and currently hold the rank of First Sergeant in the Nahal combat unit. With my extensive experience in the advertising sector, I have sharpened my skills and used them to promote the rich culture, history, and vibrant life of Israel through my project. From politics and society to tourism and cuisine, "Viva Israel" covers a broad spectrum of topics, engaging over a million followers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our dedicated website.