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I’m turning 40 and this is what I want for my birthday

Feeling only gratitude at her own life, she is marking the milestone by helping a family recover from terror

I’m turning 40 in a month.

(March 16 to be exact in case anyone wants to send Bday wishes — which I looooove)

People ask me how I feel about turning 40, as though I should feel shame, or be depressed. As though I should have the hair dye and lies about my age ready.

But, honestly, all I feel is gratitude. Gratitude and joy- really!

So many people don’t live to see 40.

So many people live lives full of fear, pain and sadness. So many women are born into cultures where their wombs are their only asset, much to their detriment…

And so, as I -please God- turn 40, I can only say I am thrilled, happy, over the moon and profoundly grateful. To God, to family, to friends, for sunshine and rainbows, and scrapes and bruises. For laughter, for tears, for smiles and hugs.

I only hope to have another 80 years to love, learn, grow and give.

And I wish the same to everyone.

So. For my birthday, I am raising funds to help a family I know through a mutual friend who has had a very hard time… and are in imminent danger of losing their home.

The parents were witness to the horrific terror attack in Jerusalem where 23 people were murdered and 130 suffered physical injuries. Many of those killed were children & pregnant women.


As a result of what she witnessed, the mother suffers severe and deep trauma. The sirens and fear of the war this past summer in Israel has given her a terrible setback and she is now not functioning.

Their seven children desperately need their mother, as well as so many things the father cannot now provide for them– from tutoring to weddings…

Most urgently, they need emergency funds to save their apartment on which they took loans to fund her care.

For my birthday, I would like to see this family not lose their home and I’m asking YOU to help me.


Please help me give them the security of knowing they wont lose their home.



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