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Impactful Climate Change Technology: PLANETech World 2023

In an age defined by climate change, sustainability has become paramount. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s a global imperative and a realm of immense potential for making a difference and fostering innovative business opportunities. In this context, Israel emerges as a force for good, guided by the principle of Tikkun Olam, and poised to become a nation that scales up impactful solutions. In this article, we’ll delve into the pivotal role of innovation in addressing climate change and explore the significance of PLANETech World 2023, a groundbreaking event set to drive change on a global scale.

The Power of Sustainability and Innovation

Innovation is undoubtedly one of the keys to a better, more sustainable world. The challenges posed by climate change require more than mere acknowledgement; they demand real, transformative solutions with global implications. If we fail to develop and implement such solutions, our progress as a species will stagnate.

The Business Opportunity

In my book “Upgrading ESG – How Businesses Can Thrive in the Age of Sustainability”,  I make the case that Innovation holds one of the keys to a better and fairer world. Without real solutions to make a global change, we will not progress. This represents a massive opportunity for companies to upgrade their business – for impact and profit.

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There is no better example of this Innovation than the PLANETech World 2023 than the Global Climate Tech Week in Israel to held on October 15th-19th.

PLANETech World 2023: A Climate Tech Extravaganza

One of the most compelling illustrations of this commitment to innovation and sustainability is the upcoming PLANETech World 2023 conference on October 18th which is the main event of the   Climate Tech Week. This is hosted by PLANETech, a nonprofit innovation community of the Israel Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group. PLANETech is building a global network for climate tech innovators while promoting Israel as a world centre for climate change technologies by building knowledge infrastructure, creating tools, and connecting stakeholders. This event carries a profound mission: to promote innovative technologies and practices that both mitigate and adapt to climate change. It serves as a global nexus, uniting investors, stakeholders, climate enthusiasts, and innovators to confront the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

At the core of PLANETech World 2023 are five distinct Climate Tech Zones, each of which is vital in addressing the climate crisis.

About the Climate Tech Zones

In 2021 PLANETech established the Climate Challenge Map, depicting the main challenge areas to successful climate change mitigation and adaptation, and for which diverse climate technologies can provide solutions. The Climate Challenge Map includes 22 Challenges across 5 Domains: The Built Environment, Materials & Manufacturing, Land Use, Nature, and Digital.

The challenges provide a clear taxonomy to support climate startups in framing their climate impact, increase awareness for emerging technologies and inspire growth in these areas.

  1. Built Environment: This zone focuses on transforming the way we design, construct, and inhabit our buildings, aiming for carbon-neutral or carbon-positive structures. Innovations here are critical for reducing emissions from the construction sector.
  2. Materials & Manufacturing: Rethinking materials like cement, steel, brick, glass, and plastics is essential. Developing sustainable alternatives is imperative to decrease the carbon footprint of these industries.
  3. Land Use: Sustainable land use practices are pivotal for preserving ecosystems, reducing deforestation, and promoting reforestation efforts. This zone explores solutions for harmonizing human activities with nature.
  4. Nature: Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration are key strategies in mitigating climate change. Innovations in this zone aim to protect and rejuvenate our natural world.
  5. Digital: The digital realm is a powerful tool for environmental monitoring and management. This zone explores how technology can optimize our response to climate challenges.


Showcasing Climate Tech Innovations

One of the highlights of PLANETech World 2023 is the impressive lineup of climate tech startups that will be showcasing their innovations. These startups represent the cutting edge of climate technology, offering solutions that have the potential to reshape industries and make a significant impact on our environment.  The exhibiting startups of PLANETech World are organized in zones according to the 5 challenge domains.

Explore the startups here

Join the Movement

In conclusion, PLANETech World 2023 represents a beacon of hope and innovation in the battle against climate change. It’s not just an event; it’s a catalyst for change, a platform for groundbreaking ideas, and a testament to humanity’s potential to address one of the most significant challenges of our time. To stay updated and get involved, visit the PLANETech World website and become part of the movement for a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference.

We invite you to join the conference in Tel Aviv on October 18th.


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