Improve Your Knowledge of Jews in History—Take the Jewish Historical Trivia Quiz

As a student of Jewish history, with over fifty years of study under my belt, I am continually amazed when I learn of Jewish historical figure who has managed to escape my net of knowledge.

Recently while watching a documentary on  Netflix,  a Jewish Australian WWI general caught my attention.

I had never heard of him,.

So I decided to make him the subject of today’s quiz

Here is the quiz’s one and only rule:

I shall give you 10 hints or clues about our historical Jewish personage.

If you determine his name before the clues run out, you are awarded  the honorary title of  “Scholar of Jewish Military History.”

If you fail, better luck on our next quiz.

I must give thanks and gratitude to Wikipedia for their assistance in providing me the information (from which I have taken, very liberally) to write this blog.

  1. He was a Australian military commander in the First World War.
  2. He is considered one of the best allied generals of the First World War.
  3. He is considered the most famous commander in Australian history.
  4. He was born of Jewish parents in Posen province, Kingdom of Prussia.
  5. His appointment as commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade was met with protest in part due to his religion.
  6. By the end of the war, he had acquired an outstanding reputation for intellect, personal magnetism, management and ingenuity.
  7. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery wrote, “I would name him the best general on the Western Front in Europe.”
  8. In 1927, he became president of the newly founded Zionist Federation of Australia and New Zealand.
  9. His funeral, a Jewish service, was attended by approximately 300,000 mourners, which was the largest funeral crowd in Australia at that time.
  10. He has a village named after him in Israel.

Sorry, no more clues.

So if you haven’t figured out who this Jewish military hero is, here is the answer:

Sir John Monash.

Thanks for taking my Jewish history quiz.

To learn a whole lot more about General John Monash Google and/or Wikipedia him.

It’s an amazing story.

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