Andrea Karshan

‘In each and every generation a person must see himself as if he personally left Egypt.’

Everyone has their Egypt that they face in their life, that one really really bad struggle. Some people have several Egypts. I would say I had a few Egypts. And I had a few exoduses from those Egypts. But my big Egypt was being homeless 9 years ago. And during that Egypt I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. And all I saw was darkness. Which I am sure is like the Jews often felt in Egypt. I felt like that situation was never going to end, though it lasted a short period, and shorter than it was supposed to (like the Jews in Egypt). And when it ended, things were so bright on the other side and so much goodness came out of that bad experience… because if it hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be where I am today (much like the exodus). Now I have a new outlook whenever anything bad happens. I know that that too shall pass. And something good will be waiting at the end, no matter how bad things may seem at the moment. I know that God does all things for good, even if I don’t understand them. And that life is happening for me not to me. That’s what my Egypt and exodus taught me. That I can get through anything. Because even if I don’t see it in that moment, eventually things will come out in some way that will be ok, if not better.

About the Author
Andrea Karshan is a Jew currently living in Chabad Crown Heights. She was born a Patrilineal Jew to a secular Jewish family with a Jewish father and Jewish stepmother. She then became Christian, and then was a Muslim for 13 years. She then did an Orthodox conversion to Judaism. She is passionate about Judaism and loves being a Lubavitcher. She has three Muslim kids from her previous marriage to a Pakistani. And she fights hard to combat Islamophobia and Antisemitism. And she is pro-Israel pro-Palestine pro-peace pro-truth activist.
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