In Memoriam – Yehuda Guetta And Victims Of Today’s Amalek


Today’s Version Of Amalek Attacked While Israel Was In Mourning

Israeli flags were ordered to fly at half-staff, and all Israelis spent last week thinking of the terrible tragedy that took place in Meron. But by definition; Amalek looks to strike when human beings are most vulnerable and weak because they do not fear G-d. And therefore, last Sunday’s terrorist attacks as well as those on-going attacks currently taking place in Israel by the Palestinians, should serve as a reminder that today’s version of Amalek remains a threat to us all.

It was bad enough that we were all getting over the shock of the 45 men and boys losing their lives in the Meron tragedy. But then Israelis were bombarded with rocket fire, arson balloons and terrorist attacks last week that also took the life of Yeshiva student Yehuda Guetta, 19.

Hundreds of Israelis participated last Thursday in the Jerusalem funeral of Guetta who died days after being critically wounded in a drive-by shooting last Sunday standing at the Tapuah junction bus stop south of Nablus. He was on his way to the nearby settlement Itamar, where he studied at a yeshiva.

Two friends standing at the station with him were also wounded, one of them seriously. All three were studying in a yeshiva in the nearby settlement of Itamar. Guetta is survived by his parents, four brothers and two sisters.

We Must Continue To Comfort The Families Of The Victims

After funerals have taken place, it seems news media spend much more time covering those that are responsible for the crime rather than the victims. I could not go to Yehuda’s funeral, but I saw and read about him from the tributes by those that loved him. And those words hit home since we also are blessed with an equal number of children in our family.

However, I was able to visit a Shiva house of a Meron victim as well as taking part in a ceremony where many Great Rabbis spoke paying their respects to all 45 Meron victims.

It was very moving to see how emotional these great Rabbis became while speaking about all the victims. It is a great Mitzvah to visit a Shiva house to comfort the families who lost loved ones.

We must continue to support one another during this difficult time. Israel has gone through more than its fair share of challenges, but we always emerge much stronger as a people and nation by supporting and comforting each other.


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