Deborah Simon Troner

In Remembrance of the Shoah and Echoes of the Past


Drumbeat of expulsions

Echo through millennia



Russia/Lithuania/Germany/Northern Italy/Poland/


And more


In their homes, in their lives

No place to hide

Discrimination; danger

“Othered”> Ostracized >

Outlawed > Out!

Like the turtle, they have no voice

And carry their homes on their backs

Or as much as they can, and may

Memories, culture, religion

A photo, a ketubah, a spoon

On the move; seeking shelter

Seeking safety yet again

And again

And again

About the Author
I grew up in New York City; graduated from the Bronx High School of Science and Cornell University with a major in journalism; have lived in Miami since 1971 with my husband, children, and grandchildren. One daughter and her family live in England. My husband and I have studied continuously with the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning since 1997. I began writing poetry during Covid lockdown.