In the name of …..who?

This article was written due to an inspiration made by our professor and is related to the recent’s bloody events in Paris. Although the main point of this article does not focus on the victims or on the present situation in France, it talks about the ideology of the terrorists’s intention last Friday night.

In many newspapers, in relation to these assaults, we read about “random attacks “. Specifically talking about the places were the massacre occurred as “random choice of places”. According to what I learnt and listen to from my professor, these attacks had far far away from the word “random” and I consider it to be an important information to be spread around.

Did you think about the places that were attacked? Do you see there any connection? The answer is yes! Already with the beginning of the history we learn how to divide The Earth into the West and East side. And so when we have a look at the map we see that most of the Arab countries are situated on the East side and somehow there was always something that they did not like about the West.

The end of the Western domination, Western modernity, but the most important according to this article the “Western secular world” have been the core problems of Islamic groups ( or at least reasons upon which they can justify and explain their stance against local and global enemies). The bloodshed were committed from a fear of “cultural attack” . This term comes to the 70’s when the scholars of Islam started to worry about the American influence. They were sure that The West wanted to destroy Islam through Imperialism and as it proved to be a failure, their next step would be to destroy “the faith of Allah” thought the culture and the rest would follow. In this ideology the fundamental prediction was that the West will make them to doubt the Islam and if Muslims will no longer be Muslims, then the occupation will come. This can be seen in the ideology of radical Islamism too, as we have a look at Osama bin Laden and if we can say his “career”  devoted to end the Western domination and fight against everything that is secular. What was forbidden by Quran cannot be allowed.

Let’s look at the places attacked in Paris. The football stadium – a thing of modern, secular world (according to Sayiid Qutb and Islamic theorists, this game is primitive – people running from side to side to catch a ball).  Le Petit Cambodge Restaurant – serving pork, by Quran “forbidden meat”. Bar – a place where people drink alcohol – again “forbidden”. The concert hall – while Death Metal band performance – entertainment of the modern world. Are then those attacks really caused by “random choice of places” ?

During those terrorists assaults were the words “Allahu Akbar”  (God is great) heard more times.  However Allah in Quran does not commands, neither mentions anything like “kill all the modern, damage all that goes against the Islam, or destroy the forbidden, murder civilians “. Even more Allah FORBIDS  “murder, committing suicide ( I guess including suicide bombers too), offending people, arguing and disputing violently, associating anything with Allah…. But if all those are forbidden by Allah, then in the name of who….?!

That is something that we all should ask ourselves..including them, because obviously those radical terrorists groups do not act upon religion, if they act upon something, could it be their imagination, confusion, their own and new faith?…


About the Author
Lucia Krollerova comes from small country in the middle of Europe, bringing a passion for traveling, books, animals, politics and everything that is happening around the world. She is a student at Tel Aviv University's International program.