In the Shadow of Qatar

Qatar has invested more than 4 billion dollars in American universities to be able to change the narrative.

Once I blogged that by backing Islamists, and for that matter Hamas, many credulous volunteers are dooming unknowingly their own culture, their democracies, their lifestyle, their civil rights, their freedom of speech and belief, the society of art, innovation and knowledge, and everything beautiful that modern civilization has brought along. Islamism is just the bête noire of all this values… And that their should be no distinction between an antisemitism derived from a deranged human being and a “holy” anti-Jewish doctrine originated from a divine revelation in the cave of Hira. Unfortunately, most critics of Islamism are often confined to soundproof rooms, misconstrued as anti-Muslims bigots, xenophobic or white supremacists.

as long as the Israeli leadership is looking away from them, the acts of systematic violence and abomination of the Jews are only going to increase.

But now we know that those presumably credulous volunteers whether they are students, professors, journalists, social media influencers, or political commentators are sophisticatedly weaved together into a global propaganda network with tremendous resources for the ideological control of the masses, funded and supported by the state of Qatar— and that is the tripartite of a father, mother and son: Emir Hamad and his son Tamim and the mother Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser. Believe it or not, the cause behind all the bloodshed, all those burned, mutilated, and decapitated bodies, are those few privileged individuals; they are the real trouble makers behind the Jewish plight worldwide, and as long as the Israeli leadership is looking away from them, the acts of systematic violence and abomination of the Jews are only going to increase.

Now the work of more than two decades of drastic all-encompassing recruitments in academia, politics and media proved fructuous. The heinous genocidal crimes committed against Jewish people on October 7th, and the subsequent war in Gaza has unveiled the unholy alliance between radical antisemite Muslims and a swath of western ultra-left.

Qatar has invested more than 4 billion dollars in American universities to be able to change the narrative on the Israeli-Arab conflict, and at the same time thwart the unconventional historical studies on textual criticism of the Quran and the history of the formation of Islam outside of the Islamic tradition.

In the University of Columbia for example, there is now a professor called Wael Hallaq—whom I suggest his name to the as he meets perfectly there criteria for an anti-Israel activist—who has paved the way for students to be indoctrinated by introducing a book to the curriculum of his own penning, much celebrated by Islamists, titled: “The impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament” wherein he argues that medieval Islam and Sharia law should substitute modern western values which he deems amoral and modern state which he claims was born out of colonialism. Far more extreme in his criticism of western intelligentsia than Edward Said, Hallaq, although he is a Christian born in Israel and had his master’s degree from one of its universities before migrating to North America, confessed in an interview with Al Jazeera that he prefers to be a dhimmi under the medieval Abbasid caliphate rule than be a citizen of Israel or the U.S!

That is a taste of the kind of professors who are now dispersed throughout Europe and the Unites States indoctrinating under the cover of darkness large numbers of students in different departments of knowledge at western universities. And when asked why doesn’t he convert to Islam like some orientalists did, Mr. Hallaq replied by saying that it isn’t in the best interest of his “project” to do so!! Obviously being a Christian “in love” with Sharia law –to use his utterance—would have greater impact than being a Muslim.

Under the banner of Islamophobia, multiculturalism, polical correctnesse and other concepts of post-modernism; masked Islamists are fooling the Western public opinion, managing to escape criticism, distracting purposeful and dialectical discussions, acquiring divisive posture and insinuating gradually into higher and important positions. The mockery of it! Even a revived Hitler could re-emerge under the protection of a neo-Nazi-phobia. But we forget easily, all the atrocities and miseries of the Nazi folded away and so the ones committed by Hamas seven months ago.

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Taha Lemkhir is a Moroccan writer and photographer. Degree in Arabic literature and Islamic studies. Critic of Islamism. languages: Arabic, English and Spanish. He Lived part of his life as an Islamist— until enlightenment flashed through his heart.
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