In unity there is strength

“Love thy friend as thy self” (Leviticus, Ch 19) is a Major Principle in the Torah.

– Rabbi Akiva, “Yerushalmi, Nedarim, 30/2”

Montenegro is the only country in Europe where Covid-19 is not registered yet.

However, it is devastating that there are so many victims who died because of Corona.
Montenegrin Government announced certain measures of prevention in order to postpone appearing of Covid-19.
Hence, I have to clarify that is tough to watch what is happening around the world.

It is not happening right now in my country, but maybe tomorrow will.

Taking in consideration that whole world is in devastating condition, especially Italy, which is very close to my country, I hope that those who are ill around the world will recover soon, those who are healthy will remain strong and respect certain permanent laws about isolation.

While everything seems so dark and upsetting there is a hope and strength shared by those who believe in brightness.
In addition, I admire Italians who went out on balconies and sing, I sow similar situations have happened in Israel.

I admire couple from Israel who got married in supermarket.

I admire the power of positivism and creativity which rocks around the world.

I admire China who sent help to Italy.

I admire Israel who sent over 20 tons of disinfectant material to the Palestinians.

I admire creative people who do everything to make this situation easier.

I admire those who share positive vibes when we are all isolated now.

People like you give trust in humanity. We may be far away, but we must remain united.

On the other hand, being isolated is boring, however I may share with you some tips which may be useful:

What to do while being isolated?

– Read books
– Write
– Study new language
– Watch movies
– Exercise
– Discover more about history of art and science
– Encourage those who feel discouraged
– Sing, just like Italians and Israelis do

Think what we may do when isolation finishes, how we may help those who feel devastated. I believe in the power of science and faith being united so we may help each other.
There are no borders now, we are all one.

Let`s remain united even we are far away, let’s make bad days better, dark nights brighter.

“In Unity there is strength; We can move mountains when we’re united and enjoy life. Without unity we are victims. Stay united.”

– Bill Bailey

About the Author
Slavica Milosevic is an author from Montenegro. She loves to write and has had several books published. Slavica spent months in Israel to immerse herself and learn more about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She studies Art History and Theory.