Indoctrinated Anti-Semitism, The Temple Mount Spark

The spark that lit the fire on the Temple Mount was Palestinian Islamic hatred towards the Jewish people and Israel.

It has been shown time after time that both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas indoctrinate their children to hate Jews and teach their children to deny the internationally recognized rights of the Jewish people to Nationhood.

The Palestinian, educational system of hatred against Jews and Israel is paid for by the European Union and also with the hard earned tax dollars of the citizens of the United States of America.

The Palestinians use this same propaganda system to deny Jewish rights to holy sites. In short, it is institutionalized anti-Semitism.

The joke here is that they were Jewish holy sites long before Islam existed.

The conflict happening on the Temple Mount (the Jewish People’s most holy site) started when Palestinian thugs attacked Jewish and Christian visitors.

This defilement of an internationally recognized holy site by the Palestinians reached a climax when the Palestinians decided it was a good idea to bring pipe bombs into the Al-Aksa mosque.

Yet again the United Nations has done nothing to stop this Palestinian terrorism.

The sickening situation in Jerusalem is no different then the sickening situation we see on TV and on the internet led by yet another fascist Arab group called ISIS.

It is not settlements that create a barrier to peace. It is Arab/Islamic colonialism.

Peace means accepting International Law, international law calls for holy places being open to all religions.

This is something that the Palestinians and Muslims are showing they are not willing to accept.

If a Christian wishes to pray at the Western Wall, we Jews do not pelt that person with rocks. The same goes for all Jewish holy sites.

Now we know Iran is not our biggest problem. The situation in Jerusalem proves this and I truly hope that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has internalized this.

It has become obvious that the Palestinians intend on doing something drastic at this years United Nations General Assembly.

It is also obvious that the Palestinians are intentionally creating the ongoing situation at the Temple Mount in the hopes of sparking conflict with Israel before they unveil their U.N. tricks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must grasp this, pivot his focus back to the Palestinian refusal to accept true peace.

It must be made clear that there will be no peace without recognition of the Jewish Nations unalienable rights to freedom, emancipation and nationhood as called for by the United Nations.

Bibi should focus his speech on the visible Arab hatred on display in Jerusalem and the continual incitement inside of Arab Palestinian society.

This is the largest barrier to Peace and the thuggery in Jerusalem is proof of this.

About the Author
Simon Fischler was born and raised in New York City. He underwent Heart Transplant surgery in 1993 in New York at the age of 15 and made Aliyah in 2001. Simon is happily married with three children.