Inhumanity at its Worst – Hamas Plot Revealed

A heinous and horrific attack planned by Hamas has been foiled. All thanks to the sacrifice of three young Israelis.

Since 2004 (well before the 2005 Gaza Withdrawal) Hamas has been planning one major assault on Israel. Choosing Rosh Hashana, not unlike the Yom Kippur attack of 1973 by Syria and Egypt, Hamas hoped to achieve maximum carnage. Tunnels filled with Hamas fighters dressed in IDF uniforms would have opened up to residential neighborhoods, kibbutzim, a kindergarten, and hospitals. The horror of such an attack is difficult to imagine.

A Tunnel in the Gaza Strip
A Tunnel in the Gaza Strip

Baruch Hashem, the attack was averted. Arab militants who kidnapped three Israeli teens inadvertently set off a chain of events that led to an IDF mission into the Gaza Strip that has uncovered more than thirty tunnels that were intended for this purpose. The sacrifice of these three teens, one civilian, and the 43 (as of the time of this article’s publishing) IDF heroes who have fallen in operation Protective Edge, has prevented hundreds of deaths by innocent Israelis enjoying their holiday. Having advanced knowledge of the attack means that the IDF and Israeli security forces could take immediate action to be certain that such an attack will not take place.

Hamas spent at least $130 million dollars on these tunnels, money that could certainly have been better spent to end the “suffering” of Gazans for which even desperate flotillas were called upon. It has also come to light that hundreds of children were employed in the construction of these tunnels and over 150 may have died in the process.

The 28 European Union Foreign Ministers who signed a call for Hamas’ disarmament must be feeling very well justified. Europeans have been feeling the threat of Islamic Terrorism for years but have refused to act. This round of conflict with Hamas has exposed the obviously anti-Semitic and very anti-European intentions of Islamic radials. In Paris, rioting protestors destroyed Jewish businesses and attempted to attack synagogues and the Israeli embassy.

From Europe and the international community we have come to expect the usual condemnations of Israel and calls for a “proportionate” response to any action from Hamas. This ambiguous standard means that any Israeli response no is disproportionate. Let us ask now what Brazil would do if they discovered dozens of tunnels doug from Uruguay to residential neighborhoods filled with weapons and Brazilian police uniforms? If they discovered that on December 25th while most Brazilians planned to celebrate their holiest day of the year attackers in official uniforms would be murdering their citizens, what response is “proportionate” to such inhumanity?

A proportionate response would be the total and permanent destruction of Hamas. In a recent article I called for Egypt to be given a more active role in governing Gaza. Free from the restraints called for against Israel by the international community and zealous in pursuit of their lethal enemies, the Egyptian government would work to dismantle Hamas and free Gaza’s civilian population from oppression. Israel must maintain control over the security situation, we cannot surrender that to anyone, but what if Egypt were made responsible for Gaza’s political administration? This would lead much more quickly to Hamas’ fall.

As many as 70% of Gazans want to adopt a non-violent form of resistance and want the border crossings reopened. Gazans want better relations with Israel and an end to Hamas oppression.

In the meantime, any nation or institution that has condemned Israel and has yet to condemn Hamas must be ashamed of itself. Brazil, Chile, and Argentina have made unprecedentedly strong condemnations of Israel. The UN’s Human Rights Commission has launched an investigation into possible war crimes supposedly committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip, but not into Hamas or their actions in precipitating the conflict in the first place.

Israel and the global pro-Israel community must work hard to drive home the shame. Any government or international institution that has condemned Israel and not Hamas is condoning child labor and murder, inhumane working conditions, attacks on civilians, the deliberate diversion of funds away from humanitarian purposes, and the disenfranchisement of Gazans. There is much blood, to say nothing of egg, on their faces. Perhaps it is time that we started firing back.

About the Author
Isaac Kight earned his MBA at Bar-Ilan University in 2010. He served as a volunteer for the Knesset State Control Committee from 2009 to 2010. Isaac has a broad experience of Jewish community and religion in the US and Israel.