In It Together….there isn’t a person in my country that is not in the same boat as me and my family. Every person I know and every person I don’t know here in israel is living and breathing the same thoughts and fears as we are.

It brings new meaning to the term ‘In it Together’.

I have no doubt that every mother makes the same calculations and considerations as I did this morning, as I was figuring out what to do with the kids after Kaytana.

If we go to the zoo, is there a miklat? And how much time is the warning before the ‘boom’?

How about the beach?

Same questions arise.

What should we do if there’s an azaka on the way? Get out the car and lay on the floor, as we have been instructed to do….with the kids…it will terrify them….so let’s just stay at home and watch TV..again!

Dovid just came back from Shul and they now daven downstairs so as to be near the miklat.

I also know that as I am sitting here in my kitchen writing this, my washing machines spin cycle has the ability to make me edgy, always on the hear out for a siren.

I don’t feel like going out too far just incase there’s a siren. Adina is anxious. She is sensitive. I need to be near.

Libby is ok as long as she has the iPad! ( thank you apple)!!

I listen to my radio station Reshet Gimmel, that is interrupted each time there is a Tseva Adom.(red alert), so yes, it’s constantly interrupted. I can’t listen to my favourite radio station Capital Manchester anore until this is over.

There’s nothing that can quite prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that results from the sound of a siren, the sounds of the booms coming from the live tv reportage showing the booms as you can actually hear them.

As I write this our incredibly brave soldier boys and girls have just intercepted rockets headed to tel Aviv and Petach Tikva.

But there is nothing that can prepare you for the fierce emotional feelings for our homeland, for our chayalim, which makes me feel that there is no other place that I would rather be living than here in Israel.

And I have a very real choice, inasmuch as I still have my house in Manchester.

But for whatever reason, since the kidnap and murder of our boys Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali, HYD, (Hashem Yimkom Damam), and the subsequent inevitable war, the mitsva of yishuv Erets Yisrael has taken on new meaning.

Almost like mitoch Shelo Lishma yavo Lishma.the Lishma came!

I used to think my house was my home…I now feel that my land is my home.

It’s taken time and it hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination, and it never will be easy, but we are In It Together.

Every mother I know and every mother I don’t know is making choices based on the proximity of a miklat(shelter).

Every mother I know and every mother I don’t know us dealing with their children very real anxieties.

And I am honored to associate myself with these known and unknown mothers.

Because we are In It Together.



About the Author
Born and bred in Manchester, to the parents of Moroccan immigrants. Educated in Manchester with a two year stint in Aix Les Bains. Trained as a 'sheitel macher' in Antwerp for six months Worked in sheitels for 27 years. Am a mother of six children, 23, 19, 17, 15, 9 and the youngest 4 who was born here. I made Aliya in October 2009. It has taken time, but I am now definitely Home.