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We all know we are innovated country. These days, if you asked every Israeli citizen what’s Israel biggest strength? You’ll probably hear variety of answers. But the leading one will probably talk about the Innovation and entrepreneurship; “Startup Nation” is pretty common term around here.

Yes, our local understanding is well connected to the global trend and the buzz of Innovation. In light of this, it’s only makes sense that public figures and politicians are eager in promoting their countries and organizations using Innovation segment.

From a marketing point of view the hi-tech topic leverages brands. Several geographic areas witch leading tech and entrepreneurship industries trying to take advantage the innovation buzz for self promotion. South Korea, Japan, USA, Sweden and China for example promote this exact messaging to the world in a variety of ways.

As far as Israel, the relationship between the technological factors and country public image is close too. Start-Up Nation Brand is a live example for a modern country that established the innovation-buzz as a part of itself DNA.

Do we deliver this messaging to the world? Yes we do. Recently, Israeli Minister of Science Ofir Akunis hosted global delegation of 25 ministers of science. They arrived from all over the world; India, Estonia, Britain, Argentina, Poland, Thailand, Kenya etc. In a purpose of sharing knowledge and promote cooperation between this countries to Israeli entrepreneurs and scientists.

Thus, the delegation had chance to be exposed directly to the pioneering scientific achievements of the State of Israel that considered as a tech manufactured region; Thousands of Israeli tech firms, startups and SMB’s are responsible for the creation and developing of the most inspiring products. Whether it’s B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Client) or even B2B2C (Business to Business to Client) services or products, there is no doubt that Israeli contribution to the world meaningful even in the eyes of the bigger countries and economies.

That’s probably a good reason to our public stakeholder to promote this local success story. but reliance on one global delegation is not enough. Changing and keeping positive image is a continual task. Some early communication researches showed that the media coverage of Israel was focused in one dimension perspective of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the past, that approach was pretty common but it’s changing rapidly. While some people still acknowledging that our region more complex than others, the majority today get used to the fresh conception.

Sure, Israel is not the only one dealing with public image challenge. But she is an example for a country that is using specific theme (Innovation) for self leverage again and again. The thing is, that this intelligent knowledge about keeping the Tech Buzz alive (globally manner), also needs to take in consideration that the establishment of a right brand values mostly depends on the continual strategy and outgoing actions.

About the Author
Itzhak Mashiah is a Communication Researcher at the University of Haifa – Specializing in High-Tech, Innovation and Technology Industries. Itzhak is a senior strategic communication and marketing consultant of tech brands and also lectures in communication at Sapir Academic College.
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