Inspiritional Insights from Daf Hayomi

In Maschta Brachot, Daf 6 there are some amazing insights into Praying with song, Praying in a Shul and wearing Tefillin. You can learn also about Demons and Eliyahu Hanavi and the importance of the  Mincha Prayer. It is amazing that we are able to engage with our Heritage and Wisdom from over 2000 years ago and still find teachings, lessons that we can apply to our lives today.

Some Quotes and Comments from myself

One’s Prayer is heard in a Synagogue with song רנה”

Under the growing influence of Reb Shlomo Carlebach and his followers, there are now communities that do sing. My personal dream that we should sing even on weekdays and particularly in פסוקי דזימרה which translated as songs of praise. It may add a few minutes more, but be much more inspirational, and would our Prayers much deeper and spiritual. We may even inspire more Jews to come to Shul and Pray.

The featured Video is a song from the end of Modim – Thanksgivings Prayer in the Amida Prayer.

“The primarily reward for attending a house of mourning is Silence”

We are too quick to voice an opinion. Sometimes, silence and a hug is worth more than a thousand words or even one word

“Any person who has the fear of heaven, his words are heeded. Fear God and  keep his commandments.”

A question to ponder? Are we really on the level to voice our opinions?

“Seek peace and pursue it. Always be the first to greet somebody”

There is so much wisdom here for us to meditate on here


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