Ionizing inner reactive rage into peace

As the Campaign Director of the Weed Out Hate Initiative and New Blogger for the Times of Israel, I am quickly getting up close and personal with the reactive rage that confronts Israelis when terrorist murderers are released from prisons for political expediency. All the more upsetting when these same individuals are greeted back home with a Hero’s welcome.

A few years ago, I found myself in Atlanta, GA, witnessing a similar rage after the Trayvon Martin killing.  Approaching the 44th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s prophetic Promised Land speech, I gave a speech at  his World Peace Rose Gardens, contextualizing that great speech for today’s times.

The “Weed Out Hate” Initiative” was conceived as a Judaic tribute to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  by illuminating his Christian rhetoric deep in the Wisdom of Kabbalah.

This is the miracle of spiritual gardening: transforming any detaching inner weed into an all connecting Spiritual Tree: “For the Tree of the Field is Man” Deuteronomy 20:19. The idea is catching on quickly throughout the United States and in Germany. To date, over 50,000 Peace Seeds have been distributed. Some have even decorated their Christmas Trees with them highlighting Matthew 13, 36-38 and 24-30.

Back to the painful situation of the release of the prisoners. Dr. King once stated that “With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.” Based on the current set of conditions, it appears that there are no longer any walls high enough or thick enough to protect us. For even 46 years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave Mountain Top Speech and almost 35 years after the Camp David Peace Accord, there are still all too many weeds of hatred embedded within us, which need to be rooted out, composted and ionized.

In my Rose Garden Speech, I stated that the “Weed Out Hate” Initiative takes Dr. King’s great vision to a brand new level:  “When one begins to illuminate this stone, one discovers that this is a metaphorical stony heart, an egoistic shell, that protects us from harm and pain, but also acts to detaches us. Weed Out Hate gives us a powerful method to transform this stone of hope, our collective stony heart, into spiritual energy. “Just imagine the possibilities if children from all over the world would each extract a symbolic weed of hatred and replenish it with a seed of peace! Together, we would cultivate our Promised Land vision for bearing the ultimate fruit that connects with God, Nature, and each other. We would treat each other as we would like to be treated, rooting out hate and evil and planting love and respect in our hearts and in our gardens. Then, we could experience the ultimate blossoms of freedom. Let us weed out hate. Let us sow seeds of peace. And let freedom ring”

This is the kind of freedom in which people from Israel, the surrounding countries in the Middle East as well as the rest of the nations of the world could participate in Tikkun Olam.

Today, many Israelis are protesting, expressing their outrage at John Kerry and at President Obama for allowing this deal to happen. Might I suggest a more constructive approach, that of emailing the President and asking him to make the globally televised “Weed Out Hate” event spring to life next spring from the White House kitchen gardens:

About the Author
As the eldest grandson of Ross Daniels, the inventor of a horticultural irrigation tool for deep watering and feeding at the deepest roots, Marc spent the first half of his career learning about global gardening and gardener's trends. Ten years ago, he began thinking about how to take his grandfather's vision to the next level, for inspiring humanity to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace through spiritual gardening.