Iran and the Bomb: the real danger behind Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

One of the chief reasons why the Shah was overthrown in 1979 and the Ayatollah Khomeini installed as ruler of Iran was the forced secularization of an Islamic nation. Several United States Administrations had underestimated the depth of the nature of Islam and in a dramatic move a revolution swept a largely secular oligarchy from Iran and installed a regime that chose a theocracy which proved brutal in its ways. One underlying theme of this regime is the 12th Imam, an end of time event which will usher in a time of equality and dominance of Islam. (

Despite arguments to the contrary, The Caliphate and Iran seek the same goal and Iran is close to achieving it with a nuclear weapon. Those who wish to bring about the age where Islam will rule the world have no problem with precipitating a nuclear event which will plunge the non-Islamic world into a ruin which their version of Islam will repair. This is not the paranoid musings of the tinfoil hat and conspiracy crowd but stated plans of al-Baghdadi (The Caliphate) and the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are approaching it from different directions but the likelihood of one dominating or both agreeing to merge is a frightening possibility. Any Western politician espousing such views and making them public would be ushered off for “rehab”. That is why development of a nuclear bomb, conquests by The Caliphate/ ISIS and negotiating with Western powers over nuclear weapons are current tactics. So far negotiating and gaining delays has worked and Iran has been granted time to complete its weapon or weapons. Western civilization has not dealt with an ideological war since the 7th century and even then only a unified front stopped the Islamic advance into Continental Europe. (

The tendency to dismiss or ignore attacks in France, Australia and the USA as isolated, workplace violence events to be solved by police and courts has helped disguise a covert effort with overt results. The internet is a workable weapon to recruit dedicated Jihadis and set them to work in their neighborhoods. The network of Jihadis is growing as territory is seized in Syria and Iraq and groundwork is put in opposition on other fronts. Iran’s support, presence and increasing influence is obvious and dangerous.

Recently former president of Iran Ahmadinejad has put up a website for a possible try at re-election. This is a Western technique that appears to be a democratic way of having an election. But the end of times mentality, preparing for the Mahdi, the Muslim ruler who will take over the world as nations submit to Islam is running strong beneath the surface. This is window dressing.

Islam is monotheistic but not monolithic. The splits and schisms began centuries ago and the lack of mercy by Caliphate Jihadists for non-fellow believers is a trademark of their brutal campaigns. As the Jihadists branch out to work in sole operations in France, and other nations Western governments try to deal with these incidents as crimes or individual acts of extremists. The violence is a working plan of recruiting warriors by internet who are true believers in the Islam of Muhammad. Peace is not an option, only submission. If one side or another can have their Mahdi lead them to universal victory they will be part of a greater whole. They have no fear of death, few if any have been captured or surrendered.

Western leaders still insist on dealing with Iran as if it were a democratically governed, liberty-granting nation. It most certainly is not. Jews, Christians and dissenters are dealt with brutally by hangings and the lash. Islam believes that victory is to be gained by any means possible and using deceit to overcome infidels is allowed. Although internet technology is a regular part of their tactics, the ultimate goal remains: world submission to one branch of Islam led by a Mahdi who will usher in a time of Islam.

The only real question is whether a nuclear armed Iran will use its weapons to instigate a world war that will leave it as the domain of the Mahdi. Whether The Caliphate can seize the initiative from Iran remains to be seen. It is criminal to allow Iran to move ahead with its weapons development. The world must realize that every hour and every day moves Iran closer to an Islamic Armageddon on its enemies. And we are the enemy, no one can doubt.

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