Iran: Imprisoned Activist Saeed Shirzad Stitches Mouth in Rajai Shahr Prison Protests

Political Activist Saeed Shirzad
Political Activist Saeed Shirzad

Dec 7, Tehran: Saeed Shirzad began an indefinite hunger strike at notorious Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj today by sewing his mouth to protest wardens’ misbehaviors, BCR Group has learned.

He has gone on hunger strike to protest for basic rights of the prisoners of conscience which their rights has been ignored by prisons authorities. The prisoners are deprived of medical care and serving their prison term with no safety.

The hunger striking activist has come out in support of political prisoners in Iran prisons by writing a letter to wardens that “insulting to the political prisoners families by officials”, “arrest of the prisoners families in the prison visit rooms”, “prevention of hospitalizing the illness prisoners”, “beating the prisoners”, “forced transfer of prisoners to court”, “irresponsibility to hunger striking prisoners”, and “closing the wards’ windows whereupon the prisoners do not have fresh air” causing the launch of hunger strike, confirms HRANA.

Saeed Shirzad, 27 year old political activist and member of the Society for the Defense of Child Laborers, has been kept at prison since June 8, 2014. He was held in the solitary confinement cells of Ward 209 at Evin prison with no rights to visit his family or having lawyer.

The political activist was sentenced to five years in prison at Branch 15 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran on September 12, 2015, chaired by Judge Salavati, for alleged charges of “assembly and collusion against national security”, the verdict was delivered to the lawyer on September 16, 2015.

Political Activist Saeed Shirzad

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Kaveh Taheri, Iranian activist and former political prisoner from Iran. Kaveh Taheri is a Human Rights activist and journalist who has worked exclusively on Human Rights Violations especially Middle East, Iran and has attempted to improve living conditions for refugees awaiting resettlement in Turkey. He has repeatedly protested against excruciating refugee life in Turkey and covered the subject in numerous articles and news reports. Kaveh, who was a former political prisoner in Shiraz, had been sent to prison for his writings and statements on his Websites and Weblogs, in Iran and fled the country through Turkey to save his life.