Ironically, Palestinians are another victim of anti-Semitism

Let me begin this article by saying that I believe that Palestinians are people just like you and I. Let me also begin by saying that I think any type of discrimination based on nationality, religion, sexual preference, economic status, etc, is beyond nonsense and only damages the world. Let me also tell you that I think nobody can argue against the fact that Palestinians live a hard life.

The real question here is who is to blame for this suffering?

Palestinians are not being oppressed by Israel as must people would claim. They are being oppressed by their governments and other anti-Semitic forces seeking to destroy Israel.

The concept of a Palestinian state and a Palestinian people has had only one purpose since its very inception; the destruction of the State of Israel.

The Palestinians have had countless opportunities to have their own state:

In 1937, the Peel Commission recommended a division that would give the Arabs 96% of the territory originally planed for the new Jewish state; they said NO. In 1947, they again said NO to the UN partition plan, which included much more than just the West Bank. In 1993, Israel signed the Oslo Accords; in return, instead of peace, Israel got a tremendous rise in terror attacks. In 2000, Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians 93% of the West Bank, they again said NO. In 2005, Ariel Sharon unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in the hopes of getting peace; opposed to that, he got a new terrorist base in what just months ago was Israel’s territory. And in 2008, Ehud Olmert offered the Palestinians nearly 100% of the West Bank and agreed to all of their demands, again, they said NO.

How can one explain this?

The Palestinian lie has always served one purpose and one purpose only: to destroy Israel. In fact, you can look at their charter and read Article 15, which states that their goal is “The liquidation of the Zionist presence in Palestine”. Another thing, the PLO was established in 1964 when both Gaza and the West Bank (all of it) where in Arab hands. What were they liberating? And why did Jordan didn’t establish a Palestinian state then?

Palestinian authorities and other key players don’t really want peace, in fact peace between Israel and the Palestinians is the last thing they want. Why? Because if a peace agreement is finally reached then there will be no legitimate way to criticize the Jewish state.

The Palestinian problem is used as a tool to condemn Israel and if this problem is resolved then what will the world blame Israel of? If the Palestinian conflict is resolved, how are anti-Semites going to justify their attacks (both physical and intellectual) against the Jewish state?

It is sad that Palestinian leaders would put their own people in harms way and lead them to live a miserable life in order to destroy Israel. It is sad that they denied their own people with the opportunity of actual self-determination, with the opportunity of having their own land in the Middle East, with the opportunity of prosper in Gaza with all the infrastructure Israel left them, and specially with the opportunity to live a a life without hate.

Those who seek to destroy Israel and the Jews purposely perpetuate the Palestinian problem leaving the Palestinian people living a very though life and violating many of their rights. They do this with the only intention of trying to make Israel look as the oppressor and trying to legitimize their attacks on her and the Jews. And so, ironically enough, the Palestinian people are another victim of anti-Semitism.

About the Author
Alan is originally from Mexico City where he lived until he was 20 years old. He was raised in a conservative-reform household. Alan moved to New York City when he was 20 years old to study Political Science at Yeshiva University. Just prior to that, he spent six months in Israel on a MASA program. Alan’s dream is to one day make Aliyah and to work for the Israeli Government so that he can help his home (Israel) and his fellow Jews all over the world.
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