Irresponsible journalism

Mr. Leonid Bershidsky, a Berlin-based writer and a Bloomberg View contributor, wrote a column in the National Post that was published on September 11/2014. In the column, titled “What we know about MH 17, he tells us that Malaysian Flight MH 17 was collateral damage in the senseless, brutal, Russia-inspired conflict in Eastern Ukraine. This is irresponsible because he conveniently omits the fact that it was a Western-inspired Fascist coup that violently overthrew a duly elected president. He also carefully avoids mentioning that such an act was nothing but naked aggression and a blatant interference in the affairs of a sovereign country.

In his dull and insipid summary of the Dutch Safety Board’s technical report, he mentions the air traffic controller in Dnipropetrovsk asked the two pilots on board MH 17 if they could go higher — to avert a conflict with another plane. They declined and the air traffic controller got the other aircraft to ascend. This clearly indicates there were two planes in the vicinity. Mr. Bershidsky and the Dutch Safety Board fail miserably to identify the other aircraft. It is also obvious that they are blissfully ignorant of the fact that Mr. Putin was returning home from a conference in Brazil at about the same time. Isn’t it possible, that blinded by sheer hatred and eager to blow Putin out of the sky, the Ukrainian military failed to check facts — and happily pulled the trigger. And what a brilliant idea to bring their surface-to-air missiles as close as possible to the rebel-held territory in the east so that the blame can easily and readily be blamed on the Russians.

With all the bias against Russia. it will do well to contemplate that the West has blundered into Ukraine. A country with split identities that also involve language and religion, it is where its industrialized east is oriented to Russia and its agricultural west aspiring to the European Union. The GDP of this country is $3900 and it has little value to either Russia or the West, except as a pawn in geo-political game, involving the expansion of NATO into Ukraine which of course would allow the West to place its missiles on Russia’s doorstep.

The offer of membership in the European Union and its machinations were very much on display in the now notorious conversation  that U.S. Assistant of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland had with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt when she told him ” F–K the E.U. – a reference to the West’s decision to go ahead despite  the European Union’s misgivings at overthrowing a duly elected government.

The civil war in Ukraine continues with mounting casualties. The West has accomplished nothing of merit and Putin being a better chess player has acquired Crimea. With winter approaching, the EU now worries what Russia’s next move will be in regards to their energy shipments.


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