Is America trying to trap Taiwan in the Ukraine – Russia conflict?

It seems that, like Ukraine, America will trap Taiwan in a war! And China will seize the opportunity to seize control of Taiwan’s governance. Also, China has been saying that they will not invade Taiwan unless they claim independence or invite any foreign troops to set up camp in Taiwan.

Also, any war between China and the US isn’t going to happen because nuclear nations don’t go to war against other nuclear nations.

In fact, the Shanghai Communique and the UN’s One China Policy would be broken if the US went to war with China over Taiwan. Since these two official documents say Taiwan is a part of China, the US would be directly attacking China.

The US will lose this war. For China, Taiwan is one of their main concerns, but for the US, Taiwan isn’t that important. China would use all of its resources to defend its core interests, while the US would have a harder time getting more resources together for a war in Taiwan because of its own problems at home.

The US will play its Taiwan card. But they won’t be so foolish to declare war on China over the Taiwan issue. If they do, that’d show that God loves China more.

Despite heavy objections from China, Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan from August 2 to 4. China conducted military drills (August 4–7) at the conclusion of the visit and ringed Taiwan with hundreds of damaging ships. China will do military drills next month in the Yellow and Baha’i seas near South Korea, which is an ally of the United States.

America is challenged. Russia’s war on Ukraine encouraged China. Ukraine fought Russia because the US promised it NATO membership and free weaponry. Ukraine has neither EU nor NATO membership nor long-range weapons that can hit Russia’s interior. If Ukraine joins NATO, the US will have to join the conflict since an assault on one NATO member is an attack on the whole organization.

Pelosi’s visit has harmed Taiwan. Most nations, including the US, Russia, England, France, and Germany, believe Taiwan to be part of China, hence the U.N.U. has not recognized it. Taiwan’s General Council U.N.U. China joined the UN in 1971 and was made a permanent member of the Security Council.

China boycotts any nation having diplomatic ties to Taiwan. Taiwan has diplomatic ties with 13 countries. The US and Taiwan have no diplomatic ties. China’s tough attitude has been long-awaited since Pelosi’s visit. They’ll undermine Taiwan’s federalism with business and military activity. The US will only support Taiwan from afar and won’t challenge China.

After 1970, to normalize ties with China, the US recognized China instead of Taiwan and limited its connections with Taiwan, adopting China’s assertion that Taiwan is an important part of China. Since then, China and the US have formed large economic alliances and thawed relations. Due to the US and China’s expansionist policies in recent years, China has drawn closer to Russia and perplexed the US.

China accuses the US of reversing its position on Taiwan, while the US claims Xi Jinping’s actions are altering Taiwan’s status quo. Pelosi’s Taiwan trip has complicated matters. Chinese President Xi Jinping said force would be employed if necessary to integrate China and Taiwan following Pelosi’s visit. In response, US President Joe Biden said that Taiwan is a friend, and that the US would protect Taiwan with military force.

The China-Taiwan issue is deeply rooted. Taiwan, 100 km from China, has 2.5 million people. It’s one of the world’s most populous nations. Its economic success has made it the 21st wealthiest nation in the world, and its people may enter the US visa-free.

In 1683 AD, it became independent. The Qing Emperor Kanzi ruled it. The Emperor of Guangzhou accepted Japan’s rule in 1895 following the First Sino-Japanese War. In 1911, China revolted under Chiang Kai-shek and Xuantong was toppled. Abdication created democracy.

After WWII, China reoccupied Taiwan. Mao Zedong’s Communist Party overthrew Chiang Kai-shek on October 1, 1949. On December 7, 1949, Chiang Kai-shek moved to Taiwan. Taiwan is independent. Taiwan became the world’s top industrial country under a democratic government. It is the 18th largest exporter of semiconductors, petrochemicals, cars, spare parts, ships, electronics, mobile phones, steel, plastics, etc.

China’s army is the worlds biggest compared to Taiwan’s. Taiwan’s military, drones, missiles, and cyberattacks can’t match with China’s. No other nation dares supply it with guns owing to Chinese coercion. No treaty says that the US has to defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack.

If China seizes Taiwan, it will dominate the Pacific and threaten US bases in Guam and Hawaii. For the first time in history, China has encircled Taiwan with ships and launched actual missiles into the sea.

In four days, Chinese planes violated Taiwan’s airspace 128 times. China may blockade Taiwan if it doesn’t strike. If China strikes Taiwan, the world may face worse problems than Ukraine.

Military equipment, automobiles, mobile phones, watches, video games, and other electronic items rely on Taiwan-made microchips. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company controls more than half of the global semiconductor market. Its yearly revenue exceeds $850 billion. China can blackmail the globe more with microunits than with Russian oil.

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