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Is democracy really the panacea that Israel needs

Is Democracy the panacea that Israel needs ?

I don’t think so, here’s why.

Democracy has not worked in the Middle East, too many Arab factions, tribes hate and bloodlust. These do not go well with democracy.

Israel is surrounded by these people who showed us on Oct 7th what their true intentions are……

The IDF has in recent years lost deterrence as a direct result of the High Court having the power to overule the Ministry of Defence, it was a joke, soldiers were afraid to use their weapons for fear of being jailed. Reforms I hope will be implemented fully.

Many western hypocritical countries in the west openly say that Israel should be held to a higher standard because of democracy and as far as I can see the only ones benefitting from this are our enemies.

Haters will hate no matter what……..

BTW, a recent poll done in Gaza and the West Bank shows more than 75 percent support Hamas, even though they have been systematically suppressing and killing the Gazan’s for over a decade. Blind hate overrules logic so it seems.

So, after the defeat of Hamas……

This is what I would see as a more safe and secure Israel.

In Judea and Samaria.

Israel should annex all areas according to its security and settlement needs. The PA which pays the families of its citizens who kill Jews, should be considered an enemy state and right of entry into Israel should be stopped. All crossings from Judea and Samaria should be closed to Palestinians.

Their entry point for goods and services and crossing points should be via an Israeli controlled crossing into Jordan.

In Gaza

A one kilometre strip should be formed from the Mediterranean to the Egypt border. This would be a no-mans land and be heavily mined to stop breaches into Israel. All civilians crossing into Israel should be closed. The only crossing would be into Egypt.

The IDF would stay in Gaza to ensure that a Hamas replacement group does not reinvent itself. The IDF or an Internationally appointed Administrator would also administer the billions of dollars of aid that would be pumped into Gaza, and make sure that it reaches the civilians as intended. This money should be used to make them self sufficient for water and power needs, infrastructure rebuilding, and other essential aid. Maybe just Maybe, when they see their new found freedoms, and food on the table, they will realise that terror was the cause of all their suffering.

There would be thousands of Thais, Vietnamese and Filipinos that would be willing to come and work in Israel to replace the Palestinian labour.

In Israel today, the vast majority of Arabs are good law abiding people, Druze Bedouins Moslems and Christians who contribute to the country, to the economy, In the medical field, etc etc….. and many of them are heroes who fall in defence of their country……These Arabs are true patriots and are an asset to the Jewish State.

However there is a fifth column benefiting from the Jewish state and working to undermine it. Some of these people went on social media to celebrate October the 7th pogroms.

The Knesset should pass a law into the constitution that every Israeli would have to sign a document, that would swear their allegiance to a Zionist state of Israel and bear the responsibility that every Jewish Israeli has, which would include military conscription if required.

Haredim that study Torah would be exempt, they are and should be an integral part of the spiritual nation of Israel, and should be allowed to do their job, which is prayer and study and a conduit to Hashem.

Of course there would be Palestinians that would not sign this, no problem, their citizenship should be revoked and they should be deported to Palestine. The BBC and other news media that lie, spread disinformation and cause anti semitism all over the world should be expelled from Israel asap.

Unrwa and other UN bodies that are complicit with Hamas and the PA in their crimes should be expelled from all of Israel Judea and Samaria and Gaza. Known and future East Jerusalem terrorist activists should be deported to Palestine.

Neturei Karta and other lunatic fringes that support and march with terrorist groups, should also be deported, as they are enemies of the State. In my view they are dangerous cults and have long distanced themselves from Judaism.

Extreme views ?


But look how Democracy has helped Israel……Millions of people all over the world crying out for Jewish blood, Ethnic cleansing of Israel, and labelling Hamas a freedom movement, and even calling the pogroms of October 7, a defensive operation.

A hypocritical scrutiny on a tiny Jewish state such as this has never has happened before in history spreading hate like never before.

Many of these protests occurred even before Israel responded to October 7th pogroms.
Israel should look after its security interests first and foremost and not pander to this hypocritical anti semitic deception that the Jewish State should be “Held to a higher standard.”

In a civilised world democracy is great but when there are so many haters in the UN, and so many barbaric people surrounding Israel it just does not work.

The UN is supposed to be the Bastion of Democracy, how many security council resolutions have been drafted against Israel compared to the rest of the world, including Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen, where many hundreds of thousand of civilians have been massacred in recent years…..

They have just appointed the Islamic Republic of Iran to be in charge of the Human Rights Council, that’s akin to putting a fox in charge of the chicken house.
Democracy in Action!!!!!

Israel lives in a tough neighbourhood and needs to be using tough tactics to survive.
To be clear, I am not advocating that Israel becomes a Dictatorship, not at all, Jews are compassionate people, but needs to show more strength to an enemy that only respect strength.

If the measures that I have mentioned above are deemed non democratic, so be it. At least Israelis will sleep safer in their beds at night.

I fully understand the importance of the backing of the USA, and hopefully next November will see a change in the administration.

Prior to October 7th I would not have dreamed of expressing these views.

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Have retired and have always been an Israel advocate, have spent four years living in Israel and follow the Israeli press daily. I have made three videos which I have sent to the Australian Jewish Association, AJA, and they have published on their social media sites. I honestly believe that all remains world Jewry will one day have to make aliya, history seems to be repeating itself unfortunately.
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