Is it working for you?

To my devoted and deeply miss guided enemies – this question is for you.

Have you made any progress with your cause lately?  Do we seem weaker to you? Discouraged? Have your violent and indiscriminate actions shaken our resolve?

Be honest…. mainly with yourself.

I ask these questions not out of anger or frustration. I ask only out of true bewilderment. I am bewildered by your remarkable incompetence.

You remain committed to a strategy that has failed you for decades – doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.

Your inhumanity may be effective towards your own people.  Your corruption, oppression of your women and persecution of gay and lesbians in your society may be the foundation of your power – internally. But they do little to benefit you when applied to us. If anything, they deepen our resolve and do what we ourselves struggle to do on a daily basis and fail: they unite us.

While the modern and self centred capitalistic nature of our society seems to enhance internal social gaps and threatens to tear us apart – ironically, your attacks remind us of what makes us ONE and empowers us to put aside our differences and support each other.

Pro-Israel demonstration 4

So I ask again: is it working for you?

From where I stand, it seems like you are trying to promote your cause in a way that only makes your enemy stronger — and yourself weaker.

You might want to try a different approach — not out of compassion for us, but rather out of pure self serving motives. You might want to come to term with the fact that we are here to stay.

As your enemy, our strengths are your weakness. As your ally – our strengths can be your strengths. Think about it.

About the Author
Ariel Halevi co-founded Debate Company (now Vayomar) together with Gur Braslavi back in 2003. Ariel holds an MA in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism and a BA in Government and Diplomacy from the Interdisciplinary College in Hetrzlia (Israel). Prior to his studies, Ariel founded and managed several Israel hi-tech companies. Ariel holds a Master’s degree in Government specializing in National Security Studies and Counter-Terrorism (at the school for International Students conducted in English). During his academic studies, Ariel was the President of the competitive Debate Club at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and was the Debate champion in Israel for two consecutive years and in Oxford, England.