Is not it enough to stop making mistake?

Statistics show that, the mortality rate of natural disaster is getting more and more and it makes a huge concern among ordinary people.

There are lots of reasons for these kinds of disasters; as examples, increasing density in some special places, increasing the temperature and etc. but the most important reason for these natural disasters, is carelessness of governors. Thank to technology, nowadays it is too easy to forecast the weather and to predict what will happen on the earth. Therefor, authorities must qualify the infrastructures and modify the defects.


Unfortunately, in resent years one of the adversities we have been dealing with is the wildfire. Some days ago, a devastating wildfire has begun and more than seventy of our compatriots were killed and more than six hundred were missing and thousands of constructions were destroyed.

In the name of humanity, who has watched the pictures and movies from that calamity, like those parents who have lost their children or people who have cried because of destroying their shelters, feels sympathy with them.

The first question that comes into the mind after these disasters is that, who must take the responsibility or who is in charge of that? And also, the first answer that comes into the mind is government. It is crystal clear, changing the climate has some direct effects on the earth and it needs some new strategy in order to prevent the disasters.
California wildfire is a tragedy for all American people. Not only the resident of California but also all American people ask the government to have a plan for preventing these kinds of catastrophes and teach this lesson from California that if there was not any prevention it would cause a disaster.

All of  these show us that America is in decline and only following war policy and intervention in other countries internal issue can cause bigger problems for yourselves.

About the Author
Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.