Is Paris Burning?

The Swedish foreign minister should be more concerned over the spread of rape by Moslem immigrants than to be making up fantasies about how the Israeli-Palestinian issue is the cause of the savage terrorism that occurred in Paris last week.  I guess that the Syrian, Egyptian and French passports found alongside the filthy remains of the suicide bombers all had Jewish names and  Israeli visa stamps in them.

It’s difficult enough being blamed for ISIS terror, but when a Jewish politician running for president of the United States, namely the socialist Bernie Sanders blames global warming for Arab barbarism, maybe he has a point (other then the one on top of his head). After all, the Arab peoples inhabit much of the desert areas on our planet and maybe it is getting too hot for them so they are seeking the cooler climes of Central Europe and eventually, America. After all, as the great scholar on Islam, Bernard Lewis, has reminded us that the Arabs are not the sons of the desert, but rather, the fathers of the desert. Maybe the Middle East is getting too hot for them?

Oh, but I’m digressing. It is all well and good that many people throughout the civilized world are shocked and feel remorse for the victims of the acts of terror perpetrated in Paris.  You notice that I used the phraseology, “civilized world” as the Islamic world is too busy celebrating this foul deed. You know, the same celebrations they had when the World Trade Towers were blasted out of existence and 3,000 lives snuffed out. The usual party favors of candies and sweet cakes, along with the usual flag burning and shooting bullets into the air.

I have stopped being hurt when the world never seems to notice that my fellow Israelis have been victims of Arab murder and mayhem. Indeed, when we respond in our self defense we are always cautioned about the need for our response  to the shedding of Jewish blood needs to be proportional and always done with restraint. Then why haven’t I heard a single cautionary bit of verbiage from the UN or any international organization about the bombing, DELIBERATE bombing of mosques in Syria by Russian warplanes? Or the cried for restraint on the French nation for sending waves of jet fighters to bomb a city in Iraq? Oh, I get it-it’s alright for Israeli kids in Sderot to cry and scream when Hamas missiles are raining down on them but it is a war crime for Israeli jets to take out the rocket launchers. Does anyone see the dichotomy here, or am I just being paranoid?

Oh, I hope the French planes turn Raqqa into rubble — but if they do, you can bet the rent that there will not be a single word of condemnation for the inevitable collateral damage. But then again, I am among the few Israelis on this planet who believe that terror must be fought whenever, wherever and however necessary to defeat it utterly. So what if I disagree with the president of the United States.

He is a man who would probably refuse to call the Nazis by name. I just love it when people say that Islamic terror is a minority among the over one and a half billion Moslems in the world. They are probably right. Many of the pundits say that it is merely 10-15% of Moslems who can be considered radical, or pro-terror. That is anywhere from 150,000,000 to 225,000,000 potential thugs and killers. The Nazi party, at its peak, had about 8,000,000 members-10% of the population of pre-war Germany-and look what they accomplished. No radical, fascist, Nazi, or communist regime ever took power as a majority. Islamophobia is a politically correct mythology as a phobia is defined as an irrational fear. Well, after 9/11 in New York. 7/7 in London, and 11/13 in Paris, I’d say that a healthy fear of Islam is anything but a phobia.

So, what is to be done? World War Three is here. It is an asymmetrical war for the time being. No great air battles, no armored vehicles plunging forward, no masses of infantry charging enemy positions, no great surface fleets firing shells of many tons over the horizon-not yet. This is a new type of warfare fought among civilians within the soft targets in cities and on airplanes. Terrorists strapping explosives to their bodies and gleefully blowing themselves up shouting “allahu akbar!” Wait, is that racist of me,,,,darn. At least the Japanese kamikaze pilot was piloting a definite warplane and you knew that he was coming…and he targeted warships, not children in a kindergarten, like Arab savages did at a nightclub in Tel Aviv or a pizzeria in Jerusalem. But, wait, you didn’t hear a world outcry when those horrific events happened, did you?

Maybe now the world will wake up to the dangerous foe that stalks our streets and beheads innocent men and women. Maybe because the recent victims of Arab barbarism weren’t Israelis that the civilized world, except for America and other weak and cowardly nations, are getting their knickers in knots.

Paris has been called the city of light. This past week it was lit up by the flames of gunfire, grenades and gelignite. New York, London, Bombay, Madrid as well as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have experienced those same bright flashes of evil. It is time for all good men and women to set fire to the cities where terror dwells.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.