Is there a demographic death wish among post-Christian and post-Jewish leftists in Europe and Israel?

I recently visited Hungary where a right wing government has taken a strong position against what can only be described as a Muslim invasion of Central and Western Europe.

In Budapest today there are nearly 100,000 mostly ultra-assimilated Jews. Like their counterparts in America and elsewhere, theirs has been a dissenting voice, one which strongly advocated assisting the Muslim refugee momentum. And like their progressive Jewish counterparts elsewhere – and progressive leftists in Western Europe ­­–­ they represent an evaporating cohort which is unwilling to reproduce in sufficient numbers to survive demographically into the foreseeable future. Marriage, if it occurs at all, comes late. Children, if they come at all, are very few.

Among this younger generation of liberal minded, and left-leaning people, the zeitgeist is one of multiculturalism which ipso facto is a death sentence for cultural uniqueness. Multiculturalism is the willful intent to eradicate that which made Italy, for example, interesting to non Italians, and Spain interesting to non Spaniards. This desire for homogenization should be as perplexing as if there were a movement afoot among horticulturalists to blend all flowers and thereby leave us with a single mongrel flower in all the world’s gardens to the utter exclusion of roses, tulips, orchids, peonies etc;. Or the mutt-ification of all dogs or horses. And yet, there is no such impulse to rob our gardens – private and public – of the beauty of variety, nor is there any attempt being made to eradicate breeds and bloodlines in hounds and horses.

The effort to erase distinctions between humans is not entirely new. Indeed it is the very seed from which all leftist movements have emerged . The very idea of socialism and communism had that ideal at their very core. All people are the same. All nations are the same. All cultures are the same. Rich and poor are the same. Educated and illiterate are the same. And all should be placed in a mega blender of socio-economic engineering that would yield a just, equalized, homogenized society; one without borders, currency differences, educational variances, and, of course, characterized by economic parity.

That secular Jewish people were often drawn to, if not actually responsible for, this sort of thinking is perfectly understandable. Having suffered for 2,000 years under murderous Christian oppression, the legal emancipation of Jews – where it occurred, and especially where it did not ­ – did not yield the dreamed-of social acceptance and, for most, did not deliver economic prosperity. Kept off the social climbing ladder, locked out of guilds and business associations, lacking large land holdings, the post-emancipation Jew did not de facto differ significantly from how he had always always been de jure. In other words the clubs continued to remain off limits. Rather quickly, many Jews started marching to the baptismal fonts, not because they had suddenly discovered the truth of Christianity, but simply in the hope of becoming, if I may be so crude, goyim. An outstanding example – perhaps the most outstanding – is Heinrich Heine who freely admitted to the utter cynicism of his conversion, and remained vocally attached to his Jewishness. But then he was a poet, not a bourgeois businessman on the make.

For some, the self-serving switch from shtiebel to cathedral worked more or less, especially if the new Christian was also extremely wealthy. After all, gentile principles have their limits, especially when a noble family finds itself in shaky economic circumstances and the infusion of ex-Jewish lucre can save the day. Principles go only so far, and greed is a universal common denominator.

For the overwhelming majority of Jews, especially in Russia and Poland, material success was elusive and, a fortiori, social advancement. Hence, for them, rather than dream of social acceptability among the gentile bourgeoisie and elite, it made more sense to attempt to destroy the prevailing social structure altogether. If they could not be accepted by the exclusive clubs there would simply be no such clubs. Revolution would destroy all prevailing social striation thereby eliminating all differences between Jew and gentile. And this was true not only of economics, it was true of culture as well. It is no accident, for example, that Esperanto a new universal language whose purpose was to homogenize and eliminate all known western languages was he brainchild of a Polish Jewish physician named Zamenhoff. Language, had always been a way of distinguishing between social classes and between nations. Esperanto would do away with all that.

While some short-term benefits may have accrued from this largely failed universalist-socialist impetus, the actual losses far exceed any perceived gains. Tens of millions of people lost their lives thanks to socialism (from the USSR to China to Cuba to Cambodia to N Korea)) not to mention the millions who were exterminated by the Germans, inter alia, for the sin of being regarded as Communist, that being ostensibly an inherent aspect of being Jewish.

The German defeat in WWII did little to mitigate the anti-Semitism that was hard wired in the European DNA. Nevertheless a reaction formation seemed to be necessary, and its manifestation was, and continues to be, a wholesale abandonment of organized religion and the social discipline – good and bad – that religion had been able to enforce. What emerged as a result was a fetish of narcissism that would rationalize itself through a veneer of idealism. The new narcissism meant having few if any children – these being merely an economic and practical impediment to life’s pleasures. It meant fewer working hours and longer vacations. It meant making others (via the state) take responsibility for cradle to grave benefits whose prohibitive costs, at least initially, were manageable as there were still plenty of people around to pay the taxes necessary to finance this socialist dream. And while socialism was the reason given for all these blessings, it was little more than a socialist veneer over a profoundly selfish sense of entitlement. Now everyone – regardless of effort, intelligence, diligence or skill – could have two months of vacation, a 35 hour work week, free medical care, powerful pensions and an ever-larger basket of benefits that created a true workers paradise even if people were not exactly working. What better utopia than one in which there were few, if any , economic challenges from cradle to grave, AND one no longer had to deal with the nettlesome challenges, let alone economic costs, of breeding and raising children.

Of course, all this selfishness masquerading as socialism could not go on forever. Needed was a constant infusion of able bodies to do the actual work and pay the actual taxes necessary to fund the ever-bloating basket of social goodies to which the post-war European generations felt utterly entitled.

Thus, for example, began the trend of inviting Muslim Gastarbeiter from Turkey to provide manpower for Germany’s economic engine. While Germany was producing great automobiles, for example, it was not producing the people to actually build these great automobiles – let alone pay the taxes to make the economy sustainable. At the same time, Turkey, like al Muslim nations, kept producing bumper crops of babies in inverse exponential proportion to Germany’s negligible birth rate.

Originally it was never intended for these very alien guest workers to become permanent fixtures on the idyllic landscape of the Deutschevolk. Apparently someone was asleep at the wheel, because how could they have imagined otherwise? People start working, they bring their families, they make babies, and babies and babies, and it just does to seem politically correct to then cycle them out in exchange for a fresh wave of factory temps who now need to learn the language, acquire the skills and so forth an so on. And so, yet again, for selfish reasons cloaked in a veneer of idealism, the temporary workers became permanent and the complexion of Germany – and Western Europe – began to alter radically.

As the new influx became increasingly entrenched and empowered it became both expedient and necessary to accommodate its needs and wants – particularly its religious needs and wants. Europe now had to accept the inevitable construction of masses of mosques, the importation of a clergy class that did not speak in the dulcet vocabulary of enlightened Protestant preachers, the appearance of hijab wearing women, the availability of Halal foods, female genital mutilation, polygamy etc.

What’s more, these Muslims were both demographically and ideologically moving against he prevailing European tides – becoming increasingly fervent in their religious fundamentalism and increasingly fecund in the spawning of new little Muslims, much to the delight of the indolent blonde socialists who viewed them as an endless source of revenues to fund their selfish lifestyles.

Even without the latest, and ongoing, Muslim demographic invasion of Europe, it should have been clear to one and all that eventually these shifting demographic tides would result in the demise of European civilizations and culture. That no one thought to address this inevitability is not exactly hard to understand. A society that has no desire to reproduce itself will eventually die out even without the barbarians inside the gate. And, clearly, this society has absolutely no issue with the fact that Europe as we know it will no longer be around in three or four generations . Childless millionaires try to spend down all their money while they are still living. After all why worry about the future when there is no future? Likewise, Europeans could not care less if the Sistine Chapel and the Louvre go the way of Palmyra so long as this happens after they are no longer around to witness the pillaging and sacking of Paris and Rome.

Of course, since all of this willful self-indulgence/self destruction was rationalized on a basis of faux-idealism, the veneer of idealism became axiomatic. Hence the latest refugee influx of millions of single young Arab men could only be welcomed with open arms. After all, the ideals of multiculturalism and political correctness do not allow one to acknowledge what one actually sees very clearly, namely that this influx is Europe’s death knell. In Sweden the situation is so bad, and the refusal to officially recognize the problem so extreme, that the government has literally made it illegal to discuss the problem in the media or to call it by its name. See no evil, hear no evil and it will all self-correct somehow. Right? Wrong!

Which brings us to Israel, where a similar mindset has overtaken the dwindling secular leftist cohort of the Jewish State. Yes, Israel was originally developed and established primarily by secular socialist/Communist pioneers driven by a philosophical cocktail that combined Biblical myth and universalist values. But the idealism of the 1930s and 1940s has morphed – as in Europe – into the faux-leftism of the 21st Century, the leftism of effectively non-reproductive, unchurched, overly entitled, arrogant elitists who – consciously or not – know that they are goners. In 100 years there will barely be any trace of them having ever been here.

The current trend to emigrate to, of all places, Germany speaks volumes for both the universalism of such people and their selfishness — their idealistic, leftist, progressive, post-modern multicultural selfishness. And, if demographic disappearance is the defining characteristic of the zeitgeist, one might as well go to Berlin, the world capital of that sort of nihilist non-thinking. Especially if the rents are cheap, and the price of Milky is 40% below than what it costs in Tel Aviv.

At the same time – no longer concerned about the survival of a Jewish State (as they personally are headed for oblivion regardless), yet burdened with the need to maintain a veneer of idealism, it makes perfect sense that Israel’s residual leftist-elitists are taking up the cause of Israel’s internal and bordering enemies; conflating cause with effect, adopting the terms (and getting the financing) of European governments and NGO’s that – at best – make no distinction between Palestinian murder and Israeli self defense, and , at worst, foster the Arab narrative as the hard wired European Jew hatred never dissipated. Only now, this Jew hatred is being adopted by Israel’s own leftists because they desperately (like their forebears who marched to the baptismal font and/or sang the Internationale in front of Stalin’s portrait in their kibbutz dining halls) want desperately to be loved and accepted by their European counterparts even if this means having to stab their own homeland in the heart. And accepted they are, as useful idiots and ideological lapdogs.

Ultimately Israel will survive and continue to thrive as part of a re-emerging Eastern hemisphere whose cultures are vastly more ancient and indestructible than Europe’s; whose universities are not riddled with gender-studies mania, whose societies are not caving in to multiculturalism and homogenization, and whose young people are still in the business of making babies. And because most Israelis are fully aware of who the enemies of civilization are, and where the existential threats (both internal and external) are coming from, we are not being lulled into self-delusion like the European lobster which is slowly being boiled without ever realizing, or caring for that matter, that it is being cooked.

And besides, Israelis – those who are not chasing cheaper German Milkys, are still making babies. Lots of them. Thank God for that.




About the Author
J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.